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  • You can make it a great day!

    In life, you are going to have good days and bad days. Sure, we would love it if it was always sunshine and rainbows, it just doesn’t work that way. As the song says, “you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain”. It’s how you handle those bad days that really define who you are. The same can be said for your workouts, there are going to be good days and bad. In fact, often at the beginning of an athlete’s fitness journey, there are more bad days than good. Your muscles are sore, you are tired, and it takes time to learn the exercises and routines. Don’t worry, it gets better. After a while, your lungs expand, your muscles ....

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  • Programming: Week of September 17th - 21st, 2018

    Programming: Week of September 17th-21
    Monday, September 17 th 2018
    Warm up
    : 3Rounds Of 200m row 10 deep lung twist 10 per leg dynamic toe touches 10 air squats 10 penguins Strength
    : Deadlift 2 sets of 5 warm up then 10-10-10 WOD
    : 12 min amrap 7 deadlifts 275/185 30 double unders 7 wall balls 25/20 = guys can partner up 1 start on deadlift other on W.B. Tuesday, September 18 th 2018

    Warm Up
    : 400m run Then, Tabata – pigeon stretch- wall-less couch stretch down up dog- plank balance Burgner warm up Strength
    - Hang power clean & Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 ....

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  • Gymnasstics: Thursday September 13th

    Gymnastics Thursday, September 13 th 2018 Warm Up: Reps of 5-7-9 Feet Together Squats Diamond Push Ups Squat Chops Speed Skaters 4 Rounds, Alternating Between 30s Hollow Hold 5 V-Ups 10 Bar MU Kip Swings 10 Hollow Rocks AND 30s Handstand Hold 5 3-sec Superman 10 Toes To Bar Kip Swings 10 Ring Push Ups Gymnastics Skill EMOM Ring Muscle Up Bar L-Sit ....

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  • "Keep the Faith & Commit to the Process"

    BY: David Folmer
    So last week I started a new supplement. It is not a performance-enhancing drug, or even any sort of stimulant, but rather it is a “super greens” mixture that add to a protein shake or whatever, that it is supposed deliver a full days’ worth of fruits and vegetable servings in a single scoop. Awesome right? I mean, it has no eggs, no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no corn, and it is vegan/paleo compatible, how could it be any better??! Well, for starters, it could do without the gag reflex trigger. In short, it may be the grossest thing I have ever consumed. Especially after trying to swallow it after throwing it up a little bit… *gag noise. ....

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  • Programming: Week of September 10th - 14th

    Programming: Week of September 10 th - 14 th
    Monday, September 10 th
    Warm up
    - 4X 100m run 10 “Inch worm 10 Plank balance 10 Rig alt squats 10 Reverse lunges Strength & Conditioning
    : 400m run for time ~Then~ 10 Min Alternating EMOM 5 Ring Dips & 5 Deck Squats WOD
    : 20 min. AMRAP 30 Russian kettle bell swings 70/44 30 Alternating Pistols 30 Toes To Bar 30 Row (Cal) Tuesday, September 11 th Warm up
    - ½ Tabata Row- Bike- Jumping Pull Ups Upper thoracic foam roller stretch Burgner Clean & Jerk Warm Up Strength
    : Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 WOD
    : For time: 15 Burpee Over Bars 5 Clean & Jerks, 225/155 lbs 12 Burpee Over ....

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  • Gymnastics Tonight: Testing & More

    Tonight, we are going to be doing some testing and then a good ol’ fashioned Core Grinder Gymnastics: Warm Up: 30 on 15 Off Alternating Stations Single Leg Jump RIGHT Lemon Squeezers Single Leg Jump LEFT Sit Ups Handstand Hold X 2 Rounds Gymnastics Testing: 1 Min: Max Bar Muscle Ups (or Pull Ups) 1 Min: Max Handstand Pushups 1 Min: Max Handstand Walk 1 Min: Max Toes To Bar Strength: GHD Sit Ups 10-10-10 Back Extension 10-10-10 Workout: Good Ol’ Fashioned Core Grinder 1 Min At Each Station Flutter Kicks Superman Sit Ups Ab Wheel Russian Twist Plank Hold Lemon Squeezers Super Hollow Roll Plank Jacks ....

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  • Level 1 "Black Band" Test Saturday, October 13th

    What is the point of the Level 1 Fitness Test at WildFire CrossFit? I’m glad you asked. The main point is to be able to have a goal to shoot for. To be able to complete each portion while hitting the points of performance for each exercise will take hard work and dedication. Whether you are brand new to CrossFit, or have been an athlete for years, these are some basic skills and benchmarks that you should be able to complete while meeting the required standards. Even if you fall short of reaching your goal of getting your Level 1 Black Band, you will have something to work towards which will help make you stronger, faster, and all around better. Gauging your progress and ....

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  • Programming: Week of September 3rd-7th

    Programming: Week of September 3 rd -7 th
    Monday, September 3 rd , 2018
    Warm Up
    : 400m run/500m row 30 sec slow squats 10 deep lunge twist 30 sec slow down up dogs 10 kipping swings head through window 30 sec plank 10 pvc front rack stretch Burgner Warm up
    . WOD
    : “WildFire 20” For Time 20 Cleans, 135/95 lbs Run, 200 m 20 Push Press, 135/95 lbs Run, 200 m 20 Burpees Run, 200 m 20 Pull-ups Run, 200 m 20 Toes-to-bars Run, 200 m Tuesday, September 4 th , 2018 Warm Up
    : Jump Rope 3 minutes 1min of bar hang/30sec rest for each transition 1 min couch stretch 1 min plank balance off 10 ....

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  • The Bench Press

    As always, we have a great week of programming for you. Coaches Damian & Tiffany work hard to bring you workouts that are creative, fun, and challenging. The blend of workouts, warm-ups, strength, and endurance helps to create athletes that are well-rounded. They work hard to ensure the programming is constantly varied, in other words, that we are hitting on a wide variety of time domains, skills, modalities, weights, and reps. At the same time, being aware of where we need to put in some consistent work to help our athletes improve. Last Friday, we did the Bench Press during “Linda”. Today, for strength, we are doing Bench Press again. You may wonder why we ....

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  • The workout that started it all...

    6 Years ago today was the first ever workout at WildFire CrossFit. I still remember getting keys the Friday before and walking through the back entrance for the first time. Spending the weekend getting the gym ready for the first workout. And waiting to hear what everyone thought of our new space. We are proud of how this Community has evolved over the last 6 years and excited about the next 6 years in front of us. Today, we have classes at 7am and 9am. Join us for the workout that was the spark that has ignited so many people’s lives over the years and get ready as we continue to ignite many more! Thank you for being a part of WildFire CrossFit! “WildFire ....

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