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  • It's about challenging yourself....they did...

    We talk a lot about competition at WildFire CrossFit. CrossFit was founded on it and it’s popularity as a method of fitness skyrocketed with the introduction of the CrossFit Games in 2007. Every day, we score our workouts and we ring the bell every time we get a PR. So, is competition important? Yes it is, as long as the main person you are competing with is yourself. That’s really the point of what makes CrossFit so special. Constantly challenging yourself to be better. Not only better physically, or as athlete, it challenges us to be better human beings. Whether you know it or not, you inspire others to be better too, and while that might not always ....

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  • Tabata Friday....and Deadlifts

    EVENT: Tomorrow (Saturday, January 20 th ) at 10am will be the First Open-Prep workshop. Whether you are planning on participating in the Open or not, this is a great opportunity to learn more about how it works. Tabata is a time interval that allows us to maximize the intensity. There is a 10-sec rest after each 20-sec working period. The whole point is to be able to go all out during the 20-sec period knowing you will have a 10-sec rest. We are working on going heavy in the power clean, so choose a weight that you can get a few reps per round in. Fast transition between exercises so that when the whistle blows you can GO! Friday, January 19 th 2018


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  • Wednesday Workout - Week of Programming

    Events: THIS WEEKEND – Saturday, January 20 th at 10am will be the first edition of the Open Prep workshop. We will begin with a Q & A on the 2018 CrossFit Games Open Competition, and then we will work on some specific skills we expect to see in the Open and finish with a specific Open Prep workout. It’s been a whole since I’ve been hit with the flu bug, and while it seems like it goes around every year during the winter months, this year’s flu has been extra vicious. Being in good physical condition and eating healthy isn’t necessarily a shield against getting sick, however, it sure will help you recover and feel better faster. We ....

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  • Open Prep THIS Saturday at WildFire CrossFit - Monday Workout

    CrossFit Games Open Briefing, THIS Saturday, January 20 th at 10am This Saturday we are going to be holding a briefing explaining everything you need to know about the 2018 CrossFit Games Open Competition at WildFire CrossFit. We will be explaining how it works and who can participate as well as how to prepare for the Open. Directly after the briefing we will be working on specific skills to get prepared for the Open. Then, join us for Throwdown Class, every Saturday at 10am as we get you prepared and ready to take on the CrossFit Games Open by working on the skills and workouts we are likely to see. Whether you are planning to participate in the ....

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  • 2018 CrossFit Open is Coming Soon!!!

    2018 CrossFit Open is Coming Soon!!!

    It’s another year already and we are excited to be participating in the 2018 CrossFit Open. For those of you that are new to the sport of CrossFit the Open consists of 5 weeks of workouts that are the first step to get to the CrossFit games. The top performing athletes in the Open move on the Reigonals and then on to the CrossFit Games. For those of us that aren’t looking to move on to the CrossFit Games the Open is a time to test our fitness for another year. And maybe more importantly it’s a time of year to bring our WildFire community together to show what we are made of! Whether it’s your first Open or your ....

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  • "Royal with Cheese" for the Friday WOD

    Like most of the exercises we do in CrossFit, there is little that is unique about them. CrossFit, and Coach Glassman, simply put them together so that they are constantly varies and performed across broad times and modal domains. Simply put, we change up the exercises, times, and areas of physical fitness. Naming exercises and equipment after people is also something that is not unique to CrossFit. The Smith Machine – Essentially a squat rack - Was created by Fitness Legend Jack Lalanne. Was then stolen by a Vic Tanny’s Gym Manager, Rudy Smtih, who started putting it in all the gyms them opened. Vic Tanny’s gym may not be around anymore, the ....

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  • Tuesday Workout

    Tuesday, Janurary 9 th , 2018
    Warm Up:
    1 min of Jump Rope 10 Straight Legged Sit Ups 8 Push Ups 6 V-ups 30 sec hold at the top of the v-up 3 Rounds Skill
    : Toes to Bar Progression Strength
    : Double Kb Farmers Carry 400 m Perform at 100% effort WOD
    : For 5 cycles: AMRAP in 3 mins of: 4 Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts, 53/35 lbs 6 Toes-to-bars 8 Kettlebell Swings, 53/35 lbs Rest 1 min between each cycle. For each cycle restart the AMRAP Weightlifting:
    Hang Clean + Clean + Jerk 2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 Clean High Pull 2-2-2-2-2 Romanian Deadlift 4-4-4-4-4 Inferno
    : Alt EMOM 15 mins: Every 1 min for 15 mins, ....

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  • Upcoming at WildFire CrossFit - Monday Workout

    The Holidays are officially over and 2018 is in full effect! Stay current on everything happening at WildFire CrossFit so you can be your best in 2018! Olympic Lifting Intro
    – Saturday, January 13 th at 11:15am This Intro seminar will take you through the basics of the competition lifts to teach the form and technique necessary to perform the Clean & Jerk and Snatch safely, efficiently, and effectively. Once you go through this seminar you will be ready for the Specialty Class every Tuesday at 7pm and Saturday at 11:15am. Goal Setting/Coaching Feedback –
    Set yours today

    Over the past few weeks we have been sitting down with athletes and ....

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  • Rope Climbs Today - WEAR LONG SOCKS!!

    Wear or bring your long socks today…we are doing Rope Climbs!! We wear long socks when doing Rope Climbs because otherwise, we get rope burn. There’s rarely a day that we do rope climbs that we have someone who thinks “it’s won’t be that bad, I’m tough, I don’t need no stinking socks!” And then you see them the next day with a big, painful scab on their shin that inevitably gets infected, takes forever to heal, and leaves a scar. NO Fun ? Don’t be that person!! Wear or bring your long socks and save yourself a lot of misery later! For the Workout today, this is a “Fight Gone Bad” Style ....

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  • Honoring Heroes, Wednesday at WildFire

    On June 28 th , 2005, Team Leader, Lt. Michael Murphy was killed when his team was ambushed during a reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan. Lieutenant. Murphy intentionally put himself in harms way because he knew the only way his men would have a chance to survive was for him to call for reinforcements. In order to get a signa to make the call, Lieutenant Murphy had to put himself directly in the line of enemy fire. Even after being knocked to his knees from a gunshot to his back, he calmly made the call for rescue. The call was answered, and with a complete understanding of the risks involved, 8 of his Brother Seals and 8 Army ....

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  • New Year, New Resolutions - Tuesday Workout - Week Ahead

    It’s a New Year and inevitably, you are going to hear us talk about resolutions, so I might as well get it out of the way from the start. The good news for a strong majority of the people reading this, since the top 2 New Year’s resolutions are getting in shape and eating better, as a member of WildFire, we’ve got you covered. Many of you may have started at WildFire because of a resolution. It’s estimated that 50 percent of the U.S. makes resolutions each year and the fact that you are already a part of a Community where people are dedicated towards improving their lives through fitness and nutrition, you are on the right path. Everyone is ....

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  • NEW in the New Year & a Full Holiday Weekend Schedule

    NEW in the New Year & a Full Holiday Weekend Schedule 2018 is almost here and we’ve got plenty in store for you before the clock strikes 12, and everyone sings, “Happy New Year”! And what a Happy New Year it’s going to be at WildFire CrossFit! Wait till you see ALL
    the incredible stuff we have for you in 2018 too! Re-branded and ready to Rock N Roll, WildFire Boot Camp Phoenix
    begins on January 6 th ! New Nutrition Programs
    , including more performance based plans. Strength Programming
    designed around your specific fitness goals. More Fitness classes and Live Videos
    to keep you moving no matter where you ....

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  • Why do we do 1 Rep Max?

    So, we are doing a 1 Rep Max Deadlift today at WildFire. For some athletes, it’s their reason for existing in the gym…to be able to lift heavy weight. For others, they don’t care if they ever lift heavy and might even stay away on a 1 rep max day. Is there really a value in lifting heavy weight? The answer is YES! Believe it or not, the 1 Rep Max goes way beyond just the challenge of getting a new PR & being able to ring the bell. Sure, we love to hear that bell ring, and there are some physical benefits besides what it does for our confidence at lifting weight. When we lift heavy, the spinal cord releases ....

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  • WildFire Boot Camp Phoenix

    Tired of: Buying clothes that fit instead of the clothes you want to fit into? Wasting money on gym memberships you don’t use? Feeling exhausted and irritable throughout the day? Complicated diets that are unrealistic? Waiting for your busy schedule to give YOU time to get fit? We’ve got you covered!! We created WildFire Boot Camp Phoenix to give you that SPARK that will Ignite YOUR Life! Just check out the smiling faces and cheers in Troop 16's Graduation Video . Here's what a few of our members said about the WildFire Boot Camp... Check us out on Facebook at
    Call NOW to learn more: ....

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  • WildFire Boot Camp Kickoff...TONIGHT at 6:30pm

    WildFire Boot Camp Kickoff
    Tonight, at WildFire at 6:30pm, we are going to be doing the WildFire Boot Camp Kickoff! We will be doing a FREE workout, and this is a Great opportunity to invite your friends and family to see what the WildFire Boot Camp is all about! Find out more details HERE on our WildFire Boot Camp Phoenix, Facebook Page.
    The Camp officially begins on Saturday, January 6 th so be sure to reserve your spot today by calling us at: 480-626-0905 Today at WildFire CrossFit…

    Wednesday, December 27 th , 2017

    Warm Up:

    Rowing Drills > Inch Worms > Plank Hold Rowing Drills > Push Up to Down Dog > Bar ....

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  • Grateful For the WildFire Community and more!

    We hope you had a great Holiday because I know we did! We kicked it off with an incredible Saturday where we got to welcome back some family members for the 12 Days of Christmas workout. At both 9am and 10am we did a version of the workout and it was a lot of fun! If you are traveling and want a good one to do with friends and family, and check it out! I know the Barbell Only Version we did at 10am snuck up on a few people. Then, Tiff and I got to travel North to Prescott to visit Family. It was a great trip! We came back on Sunday and added to our family with a new little puppy for Christmas. And when I say little, she’s tiny. A ....

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  • Enjoy the 12-Days with your Friends & Family!

    The 12-Days of Christmas – Bodyweight Style
    Have some FUN this Holiday with the 12-Days of Christmas – Bodyweight Style, from your friends at WildFire CrossFit. Pick the version that is right for you and 3-2-1-GO! If you did either of our versions in the gym yesterday, this will be a great, body weight, workout to get moving and get that blood flowing so you feel your BEST on Christmas!! 12 Days of Christmas - Bodyweight Style
    1 Plank Balance
    2 Sit Ups
    3 Push Ups
    4 Squats
    5 Mountain Climbers
    6 Jumping Jacks
    7 Lunges
    8 Russian Twist
    9 V-Ups
    10 Burpees
    11 Flutter Kicks
    12 Superman
    **The Reps correspond to the Days ....

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  • 12 Days of Christmas - TOMORROW At WildFire CrossFit

    12 Days of Christmas THIS Saturday, December 23rd at WildFire CrossFit

    Happy Holidays! This Saturday is a PERFECT time to join us for some Holiday cheer and do we have a Merry Fitmas for YOU! We are going to be doing the 12 Days of Christmas in both the 9am CrossFit Class, and the 10am THROWDOWN Class! There’s no better way to celebrate the Holidays, by working together, and spreading cheer throughout the WOD. Here’s how it works...
    Just like the song, you will begin with the 1 st Day. Then, Repeat the 1 st day and do the 2 nd day. Then Repeat the 1 st & 2 nd Day and do the 3 rd day….You get the point. We will do the 12 ....

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  • Announcements - Holiday Schedule - This week at WildFire - Friday Workout

    Announcements - Holiday Schedule - This week at WildFire - Friday Workout

    Friday and Saturday are FULL class Schedules. Friday, classes at: 5:15am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, & 6:30pm Saturday: Endurance at 6:30am, CrossFit Kids at 9am, THROWDOWN at 10am, & Olympic Lifting at 11:15 We will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (24 th & 25 th ). ANNOUNCEMENTs
    : Saturday, we will be doing the 12 Days of Christmas at the 9am class! Sunday, we will be posting a workout that can be done from home OR from a park. It will be a fun workout for the whole family or challenge yourself and do it on your own. ....

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  • Add a little Power to your Thursday at WildFire CrossFit

    Add a little Power to your Thursday!
    Yesterday we had a great workout for building stability throughout the body. Exercises like the weighted lunge and Med Ball Push Up (not to mention the Russian Twists) help all our muscles work together at their fullest range of motion. Think about it. If we can’t re-engage the muscles in our legs when we relax, getting out of the bottom of a lunge wouldn’t happen. Today, we get to apply that stability in the Power Clean and Jerk, and there is a very specific method to the madness with the format of this lift. We are going to give you all the time you need to go heavy. While you may dump the weight after the first rep, you ....

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  • Kids CrossFit  in Phoenix - WildFire CrossFit - Wednesday Workout: Building the Upper Body & Core

    Wednesday Workout: Building the Upper Body & Core

    We’ve got a good one for you today at WildFire! First, we are going to begin with a gymnastics/core grinder. Then, we’ll work on Shoulder Stability and Strength with the Dumbbelll Strict Press. There are a lot of ways to build strength. In fact, any additional volume on any lift you do will help you build strength in that area. The question each athlete needs to answer for themselves is, “where are my weaknesses and what will I commit to do to improve them?” The upper body and shoulder area is typically an area of weakness in most athletes. Focusing some time and attention on the upper body and shoulders will have a dramatic impact on your strength. ....

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  • Winter Brawl Recap - Monday Workout - The Week Ahead

    The Winter Brawl 2017
    The Winter Brawl was this weekend at WildFire CrossFit. Coaches Erin, Bri, Laura, & Kiara did s great job programming workouts that were challenging for all levels, and a lot of fun. Teams of 2 males or two females in Rx and Scaled Divisions competed in 3 different workouts. For the first workout, one partner ran 400 meters while the other rowed for calories. They kept switching between run and row for 10 minutes, accumulating calories, and making this an outstanding test of endurance. The Score was the total number of Calories Rowed in 10 minutes. The weather was a perfect, with overcast skies and crisp, fall air, allowing the ....

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  • Kids CrossFit  in Phoenix - WildFire CrossFit - Been an AWESOME week - Friday workout - Upcoming at WildFire

    Been an AWESOME week - Friday workout - Upcoming at WildFire

    It’s been
    an awesome week at WildFire CrossFit!

    We’ve had some tough workouts, we’ve seen all kinds of Personal Records, and in general, we’ve been hearing some INCREDIBLE results! Great job athletes, and keep up the incredible work! Your great results will help inspire so many others! Thank you, Coaching Team! Your passion and commitment to the members of the Community makes such a difference! And the week’s not over yet!! The Coaches have done a great job organizing the Winter Brawl this Saturday at WildFire! This is one of the many things that makes the Community of CrossFit GREAT! Invite friends and family to come ....

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  • CrossFit and Fitness Classes in Phoenix!

    Check out our new website for WildFire CrossFit!
    We proudly serve the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Cave Creek areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. CrossFit, Fitness Classes, Boot Camp, and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Twitter Instagram ....

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  • Kids CrossFit  in Phoenix - WildFire CrossFit - Website Overhaul & Thruster Thursday

    Website Overhaul & Thruster Thursday

    CHECK IT OUT! Our website has a new look!! We are excited to be bring you more great content about fitness, nutrition, and the community we all LOVE! TODAY at WildFire…
    Strength is Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5 Bench is going to work the chest, back, shoulders, and biceps. Essentially the upper body, so just be sure to keep the back flat to the bench and get a full range of motion every rep. The WOD: Open Workout 17.5 Rx: 10 Rounds of 9 Thrusters 95/65 35 Double Unders Scale: 10 Rounds of 9 Thrusters 65/45 35 Single Jump Rope 20 Min Cap Yes, in Beyond the Whiteboard it says there’s a 40 min Cap. We are keeping it a 20 min Cap today, which will still give you a chance to ....

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  • What is “Fight Gone Bad”? Find out TODAY at WildFire CrossFit

    ? ?
    What is “Fight Gone Bad”? Find out TODAY at WildFire CrossFit
    CrossFit has rightfully earned its place in history for its ability to get athletes ready for sport. Its application has extended to Military and Law Enforcement fields who have been able to find a unified method of training to help people reach their potential. The Benchmark workout helps athletes measure their performance, and technology has helped CrossFit share their method across the world. To say it has spread like WildFire would be an understatement. As the fastest growing, grass-roots movements of all time, CrossFit is now the fitness method of choice for ....

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  • 13th – 17th of November Programming

    Weekend, Events, & Programming for the week!
    What a great weekend at WildFire CrossFit! We had a full schedule on Saturday with Endurance leading it off. CrossFit Kids went through the obstacle course, before making room for the adults to play with CrossFit, Throwdown, & Olympic Lifting. We also had 4 athletes competing at the Lucky 11 CrossFit Competition at CrossFit Forbidden in Scottdale. Farhad & Damian teamed up as did Shannon G. & Lauren S. for the competition. They all did outstanding! Both Lauren & Shannon got PRs (Personal Records) in the front squat, and Coach Damian did 5 Front Squats at 225, 255, 265, & 275, all inside about 7 minutes. They had a ....

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  • This week at WildFire – November 6th – 11th

    This week at WildFire – November 6th – 11th
    We have another awesome week of programming for you at WildFire CrossFit!! THIS WEEK at WildFire:
    Remember to wear or bring Long Socks Monday (Nov 6th) It’s NOT too late to participate in the Holiday Lean Out – 30-Day Fat Loss Program If you still want in, text: “I want to Lean Out” to 480-626-0905 TODAY Movie “Only The Brave” THIS weekend! We also have athletes competing and we will let you know when and where. LAST WEEK RECAP:
    We did a lot last week, including a couple of Benchmarks. We started with Deadlifts & Diane, passed through The Ghost, benched ....

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  • Free Fitness Pyramid Guide: Step 1 – Nutrition

    YOUR GUIDE TO THE FITNESS PYRAMID At WildFire CrossFit, we believe in what we do. We help people from many different backgrounds look and feel their best through fitness and nutrition. We created your Guide to the Fitness Pyramid to help you get started on your own terms. We would love to have you come visit us at WildFire , and when you are ready, I’m sure you will. It took me a while to realize that I needed help and if I could do it on my own, I would have. I am here to tell you, You don’t have to do it on your own anymore! There is no easy fix. Creating a healthy lifestyle is a journey and it doesn’t matter where you start, just that you GET STARTED! In fact, ....

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  • Inferno Club Programming – NOW at WildFire CrossFit

    Inferno Club Programming – Additional programming for those wanting to compete or take it up a notch. Starting tomorrow, November 1 st , we are going to be adding another layer of programming to the mix. This won’t change anything as far as classes go. We are still going to have Olympic Lifting, Endurance, and Gymnastics specialty classes, and then almost 50 CrossFit classes each week where we focus on all three. The beauty of CrossFit, and fitness for that matter, is that there is always room to get better. Look at CrossFit Legend, Rich Froning for example. After 4 Games Titles, a ton of endorsements, and a lifetime contract with Reebok, nobody would have blamed him ....

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  • Cheers to 5 years and to many, many MORE!

    Cheers to 5 years and to many, many MORE! ? ? ?
    Cheers to 5 years and to many, many MORE!
    We had a blast celebrating the WildFire Community and our 5 year anniversary! We are grateful for each and everyone of you. The best is yet to come. Here’s to the next 5 years and beyond. We have a great week in store for you so make sure you schedule your classes now! Monday October 23, 2017
    WOD: 3min AMRAP 1min Rest RX 7 Hang Squat Snatches 95/65 21 Double Unders Classic RX 7 Hang Squat Snatch 75/55 21 Double Unders Scaled 7 Hang Squat Snatch 65/35 21 Lateral Jumps Burn 7 Kettlebell Snatches 53/35 21 Lateral ....

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