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  • Rope Climbs...might just save your life!

    When I was a kid in school, I used to love Rope Climb day. I remember getting in trouble for going all the way to the ceiling in our high school gymnasium instead of stopping at the line. Explaining to the coach that there was no way I was going to let go after going that high didn’t get me out of running laps the rest of class. The Rope Climb is an incredible skill to practice, and ultimately achieve. It will help you develop general upper body strength, including your grip and core strength. Practicing the Rope Climb as a skill and eventually being able to climb the rope goes beyond just developing a new fitness skill, it could just save your life. Now, ....

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  • Enjoy the Ride - Trust the Process!

    Enjoy the Ride - Trust the Process By: David Folmer In the previous two posts I wrote about mindset, and then about honestly identifying what you deem important and acting consistent with your assessment. Yet, as we steadily march toward our goal, one thing to keep in mind is that as you get closer to it, and eventually achieve that goal you hold so dear, it will inevitably become, well, meh. The law of diminishing marginal return applies to this as when we get close, or after the goal is achieved, the original goal is no longer a sufficient driver or motivator. The stimulus and conditions are now different and can only be reengaged by inserting a new goal into the ....

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  • Today is a GREAT Day - PR Buster & Girl WOD Mash-Up

    It’s been an awesome week at WildFire CrossFit. We have had some great workouts, and today, we have another great opportunity to see some new Personal Records with the Push Jerk. And so far, so good! When we are programming, we make sure to space out the 1 Rep Max days with strength building sets so when the time comes, our athletes are ready to shine. And shine they do. It’s awesome to see people’s form on point, and to see the strength that has been developed in a relatively short period of time. I had two people tell me today that they never thought they would be able to lift this much weight, and that’s music to my ears. To get a NEW ....

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  • Summer Swolstice Part 2 Recap

    Friday night, we blew it up at WildFire CrossFit with part 2 of the Summer Swolstice! After the first event which was a partner workout, the individuals took the stage to push each other to be their best. There’s just something about the competition setting that brings out the best in athletes, and the members of the WildFire Community stepped up to the challenge. We changed things up with this event by allowing the members of the WildFire Community submit workouts and then vote on the ones they would want to do and see for part 2! We got a lot of great submissions, some that may still see in part 3 on Friday, August 10 th which will be for Teams of 3. Once ....

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  • Programming Week of: July 16th - 20th

    Programming Week of July 16-20
    Monday, July 16th 2018
    Warm Up
    : 3 Rounds Of 20 Jumping Jacks 10 Dolphin Push-ups 20 Flutter Kicks 10 Superman Strength
    : 16 Min EMOM Every 1 min for 16 mins, alternate between: 3 Strict Handstand Push-ups 3 Sumo Deadlifts - pick load WOD
    : 3 Rounds, 1 Min At Each Station for Max Reps of: HSPU Snatch 95/65 Row SDLHP 95/65 Ring Dips 1 Min Rest Tuesday, July 17 th 2018
    Warm Up
    : 2-3 Rounds of Shuttle Run 10 Samson Lunge (PVC) 10 Bench Dips Wrist & Shoulder Mobility Strength
    : Front Squat 10 @ 50% 10 @50% 3 @ 80% 3 @ 80% 10 @ 60% 10 @ 60% WOD
    : ....

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  • Thursday at WildFire: It's all about INTENSITY!

    It’s all about the Intensity
    Yesterday, we worked a lot of strict exercises. The Shoulder Press and Strict Pull Ups & Handstand Push Ups require a lot more strength, even though, compared with the Push Press & Kipping, where a lot more reps can be completed. I know by the 2 nd half of the WOD, even with the run as a rest for the shoulders, that fatigue started to set in and the exercises felt a little sloppier. Compared with other workouts even with higher reps, I was taking longer rest so that I could keep the movements as strict as possible. Today, it’s all about the intensity. That’s the whole reason the “Tabata Protocol”, a ....

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  • Vote For Summer Swolestice Part 2 - The WODs

    This Friday night is Part 2 of the Summer Swolestice at WildFire CrossFit, and as a twist that you, the members of the community, suggested, we are going to let you Vote on the workouts we are going to do. Part 2 is going to be for individuals, so Vote accordingly. We are going to make this simple. Below are the workouts you gave us. You will Vote by going to the WildFire Athlete page on Facebook. There are 3 different Polls where you will choose your #1, #2, & #3 workouts. We will tally the results and announce which workouts we are doing on Friday morning. ANY member of the WildFire Community can vote, even if you are not able to participate ....

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  • Summer Swolstice Update - 4th Of July Schedule - Programming July 2nd-6th

    Summer Swolstice Part 2 is coming up quick! In case you haven’t heard, the twist for the individual workout portion on Friday, July 13 th , is that YOU, The Community, are going to vote for the workout you would like to do for this event. To post your suggestion, CLICK HERE. Please be as detailed and as clear as possible. Then, starting on Monday, July 9 th , we will open the voting the Community can decide which workouts they want to see and/or participate in. REMEMBER: This week, Wednesday, July 4 th we will have a special Holiday schedule with classes at 7am & 9am. So, come help us celebrate the 4 th of July with a Bang at WildFire CrossFit and ....

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  • Be Honest With Me, Are You Honest With You?

    Be Honest With Me, Are You Honest With You?

    BY: David Folmer
    Last week, I wrote to you all about the benefit of trying to maintain a growth mindset, versus being hamstrung dealing with a fixed mindset. This means, I can only presume, that everyone who read that post has by now, perfected the act of setting their mindset to crush goals and achieve awesomeness, right?! Great! However, not so fast. While we may have the greatest growth mindset, we will inevitably find ourselves frustrated with the goal setting process if we fail to honestly identify whether our prospective goal is an interest, is important, or is a core goal. A goal placed in the ....

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  • What's in your head is B.S.

    At WildFire CrossFit, we are proud to be able to offer CrossFit Kids & Teens programs to help our future generation get in amazing shape and learn that fitness is FUN! Coach Erin does an incredible job running the program and programming the classes along with help from Coaches Shannon, Brenda, and Christina. Thanks to Dr. Chris Bonin, owner of Total Lifestyle Chiropractic, a few weeks ago, we started training the Pinnacle Pioneers Hockey Club who has won the Arizona State Championship the last 2 years. One of the cool things about training kids is that there is no limit on their potential, and, for the most part, they trust their Coaches when they are told what to do, ....

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