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Welcome To Wildfire CrossFit

Welcome to Wildfire CrossFit Phoenix, AZ! CrossFit is a fitness program like no other. It develops all ten areas of physical fitness using functional movements that are constantly varied and performed at high intensity. What does that mean for you? We combine weight lifting, cardiovascular endurance, body weight movements, and flexibility to offer a professionally coached program that produces results, never gets boring, and creates a strong community of people who work together to improve their lives through fitness.  Whether you’re looking to start your first fitness program, or are a seasoned athlete looking to improve performance, Wildfire CrossFit in Phoenix is for you. 

What's Happening at Wildfire Crossfit

  • Lots going on at WildFire CrossFit
    Lots going on at WildFire CrossFit

    It is the first week of the WildFire CrossFit Nutrition Challenge and so far so good. Athletes have been eating clean, working out, and they are already noticing a difference. In addition to all of the excitement happening with the current challenge we have a lot of other great events going on at WildFire over the next week including tonight!

    Tonight at Totally Lifestyle Chiropractic Coach Don Wong and Dr. Chris Bonin are giving their monthly Mobility seminar. This month they will be focusing on the head and neck and even talking about headaches. Do you know people that have a sore neck, get headaches and even migraines often? This is a seminar that you don’t want to miss. It starts at 6:15 pm at Total Lifestyle located at 7032 E Cochise Rd. in Scottsdale (70th St and Shea) is a FREE seminar and friends and family are welcome to attend

    On Sunday Coach Nicole is going to be taking you through another relaxing session of Yoga. This is just what the body needs after a tough week of training as she teaches you breathing and stretching techniques that will help you gain flexibility, relax your body, and calm your mind. Come in for Open gym between 11 am and 1 pm and stay for Yoga at 1 pm.

    On Monday, September 22nd at WildFire we have our Group Baseline test. If you are new to WildFire and have never done the baseline OR you have not done the baseline for at least 3 month it is a great time to get in there for it. The Baseline test is a great way to figure out where you are and what you have achieved in your fitness. Come find out where you are and cheer other athletes on as they push to beat their previous time.

    DON’T FORGET to mark your calendar for the 2nd year anniversary part at WildFire CrossFit on Saturday night, October 18th. We will have awards for the nutrition challenge, some other fun gym awards, music, food, drinks, and a whole lotta fun! Ask anyone who was there last your…this is a party you DO NOT want to miss out on!

    Wednesday, September17th 2014

    Warm Up: Row Sprints and Mobility

    Strength: Hang Snatch 5-5-3-3-3

    WOD: (compare to Feb 6, 2014)

    5 Burpees
    10 Single Arm KB Snatch
    20 Sit Ups

  • More Strength - More Olympic Lifting
    More Strength - More Olympic Lifting

    You asked for it, you got it! At WildFire CrossFit we are always looking to add and improve what we are doing. In any fitness program, no matter what you are doing and what your goals are, consistency is the key. Every day in our CrossFit Classes we do a Warm Up, Strength or Skill, and the Workout or WOD. The beauty is that there is a benefit for everyone. A few months ago we started a Strength Club at WildFire CrossFit where anybody who had a goal of getting stronger could participate either during open gym OR before or after class. Now, we are ready to take that to the next level.

    Starting today at 7:30 pm we will be offering a Strength Class 4 nights a week. Every Monday through Thursday at 7:30 pm you will be able to do Strength Specific programming. Understand that this is NOT open gym and while you may have a couple options on the workout that needs to be completed, this will be a programmed class where we will be able to work together to get stronger. In addition, on Monday and Wednesday you will still have the option of doing the normal CrossFit Class programming AND on Tuesday and Thursday you will be able to have the option of doing Olympic Lifting programming.

    The point is that we want to give you more of what you want and what you need to get stronger, faster, and to reach your goals. As a suggestion, I would recommend doing this class in addition to CrossFit.  There is a reason we do so many things in each class and while strength is an important area of fitness, the beauty of CrossFit is that we focus on all of them. It does not work trading off strength for endurance with the intention of going back to endurance once you get stronger. Also, starting next week we will have the Strength Class & Olympic Lifting Class programming on the website each day so that even if you can’t make it to the 7:30 pm class you can do the work during open gym or before or after class.

    If you need help coming up with a schedule or a recommendation on which classes to come to and how often, feel free to ask a coach. We are here to help.

    Monday at 7:30 pm: Strength Club or CrossFit
    Tuesday at 7:30 pm Strength Club or Olympic Lifting
    Wednesday at 7:30 pm: Strength Club or CrossFit
    Thursday at 7:30 pm: Strength Club or Olympic Lifting


    Monday, September 15th 2014

    Warm Up: 400M Run/ 500M Row
    10x Air Squats
    10x Push Ups
    1 Min Mobility
    x 3 Rounds

    Core Grinder

    Strength: Shoulder Press 5-5-3-3-3
    125M Row Sprint after Each Round

    WOD: 21x Double Unders
                   15x KB Swings 70#/44#
                   9x Box Jumps 24”/20”
                   x 3 Rounds For Time

  • Why do a Nutrition Challenge....AGAIN?
    Why do a Nutrition Challenge....AGAIN?

    So here we have just a day before the Wildfire Nutrition Challenge 4.0! I am ready! Are you?

    Why would I want to do yet “another” paleo/nutrition challenge after over 4 years of Crossfit and numerous nutrition challenges?  It’s because I believe it creates a lifestyle change. The goal for me is to continue to challenge myself with the discipline it takes to make those lifestyle changes.  By repeating challenges we develop the same type of memory we get with our muscles. We repeat our lifts over and over to retain that muscle memory and perfect our lifts right? By repeating these challenges we begin to change the way we look at our food and what we are putting into our bodies to use as fuel on a daily basis.  We learn through each and every challenge.  For some, they are no longer a challenge but a way of life.  It’s another tool to creating healthy habits for life.

    I just completed a 21 day (I went 25) sugar detox and the things I learned about how my mind and my body react to sugars was well worth it!  Yes, it was difficult at first but in the end I trained my body to not rely on sugar and the results for me personally where tremendous.  

    These challenges are amazing tools that WildFire gives its students to improve your over all health and well being but it also gives you the tools you need to fuel your workouts and attain those goals.

    Challenges create patterns for better habits.

    This particular challenge is going to be a different than some in the past.  We will have teams, great prizes, recipe and coupon sharing, trips to the grocery store!

    Been there done that? Not this challenge you haven’t. What are you waiting for? Sign Up Here!

    -Coach Laura
    WildFire CrossFit Coach and 4 year CrossFit Veteran

    I’ve been in the CrossFit world for about 5 years now. I can’t count how many nutrition challenges I’ve done over that time. I don’t really have a lot of weight to lose. For many reasons I could easily pass by the opportunity to participate in another challenge. But I jumped at the chance to participate in another nutrition challenge. My goal is to gain muscle and refine my diet to achieve that. For me focusing on nutrition challenge is just like doing some additional strength training in addition to class. In a challenge you have the support of coaches and other people and that is invaluable! It’s the same reason I love CrossFit in the first place: whatever your goal is there is a coach or someone else there to support you! 

    -Erin Wellendorf
    CrossFit Coach and 5 year CrossFit Veteran

    Friday, September 12, 2014

    Warm Up: 400m Run
    3 Rounds of:
    10 OHS
    10 Push Ups
    10 Ring Rows

    Skill: Pistols  5-5-5-5-5

    WOD: "Lynne"
    5 Rounds of Max Effort
    Bench Press (BW)
    Pull Ups


    Thirteen years ago today is a day in history that most of us would like to forget. Our country was hit with a tragedy that shocked and terrified us all. It is a day that most of us will forever remember where we were, what we were doing, and who we were with when we heard the news. While we will never forget the events that took place on September 11th, 2001 this is a day that we should use to remember the things that make this country great. To thank the men and women who have the courage to keep our country and our communities safe. To reach out to someone you care about who was affected by the terrible events that happened on that day. Today is a day that we have to show the world that the words “WE WILL NEVER FORGET” truly have meaning.

    Today is a day where I am grateful for everything that I have in life: My family, my freedom, my health,  my community, & my friends are just a few of those things. I am thankful for the fact that I get to wake up and help people improve their lives and make a positive impact on the universe.

    Today at WildFire CrossFit we will be doing a special Hero WOD that is dedicated to the people who died on 9/11 and their families. As you go through this workout remember what you are working for. Remember that with every meter, every rep, & every step you are pushing for the people who no longer can and honoring them with your effort. When you look at the workout notice a few numbers: There are nine exercises with 11 reps of each for 9/11. The 125# Thruster is the number of people who died in the Pentagon. The 170# Power Clean is the combined number of Flight #77 & Flight #93. The 175# Deadlift is the Flight #175 that hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center. The 110# Push Jerk is the number of floors in each of the towers. As you complete this workout, push each other, work together, and remember what you are grateful for. Remember that this is a day that We Will Never Forget!

    Thursday, September 11th 2014

    9/11 WOD

    2001M Row OR 2001 M Run
    11x Box Jumps 30”/24”
    11x Thrusters 125#/85#
    11x Burpee Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups
    11x Power Cleans 170#/120#
    11x Handstand Push Ups
    11x KB Swings
    11x Toes 2 Bar
    11x Deadlift 175#/120#
    11x Push Jerks 110#/75#
    2001M Run OR 2001 M Row

  • Wednesday Workout

    Wednesday, September 10th 2014

    Warm Up: 400M Run
    Couch Stretch
    5x Handstand Hold Kick Ups
    10x Bench/Box Dips
    10x Flutter Kicks
    1 Min Plank Hold
    x 2 Rounds

    Strength: Turkish Get Ups

    WOD: 20 Min AMRAP
    20x Pull Ups
    15x Wall Balls
    10x Burpees
    5x OH Squats 95#/65#

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Latest News

  • Endurance Workout – Saturday, September 6th at 6:30 am at WildFire CrossFit

    This month we are bringing the endurance classes home to WildFire CrossFit. This will give us the opportunity to not only work on running skills, technique, and endurance, but also rowing and other endurance activities such as box jumps and jump rope. This class is part of your WildFire membership so get in and take advantage this Saturday! We will be doing the Endurance class

  • Nutrition Challenge Officially Begins! – Saturday, September 13th 2014

    This is the official start date of the Fall 2014 Nutrition Challenge that you do not want to miss! There are going to be some added twists this time as we will be putting athletes into teams with their own coach to give them the support they need to see success. We will be giving out prizes on both a team and an individual level. Nutrition is a HUGE piece of what we do to create a healthy lifestyle. Create yours and sign up for the Nutrition Challenge TODAY at WildFire CrossFit.

  • Mobility Seminar at TLC – Wednesday, September 17th 2014 at 6:15 pm at Total Lifestyle Chiropractic

    Join Coach Don Wong and Dr. Chris Bonin at Total Lifestyle Chiropractic for their Mobility Seminar series. They are two of the best out there to teach how the body is designed to move efficiently and giving you tips to increase your mobility and flexibility for overall sports performance. This is a FREE seminar and you are welcome to invite friends and family to attend!

  • Endurance Class – Saturday, September 20th at 7 am

    Get into WildFire CrossFit for an Endurance workout that will make you Faster and BETTER!

  • Yoga Class – Sunday, September 21st 2014 at 1 pm

    Come experience the power of Yoga for relaxation and mobility. This is a great way to add some recovery into your program after a long week of training. This is a FREE class and perfect for athletes who are either brand new to Yoga or experienced with the discipline.

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