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Welcome to WildFire CrossFit in Phoenix, AZ! CrossFit is a fitness program like nothing you have ever experienced before. We develop all 10 areas of physical fitness using functional movements that are constantly varied and performed at high intensity. What does that mean for you? We combine weight lifting, cardiovascular endurance, body weight exercises, and flexibility & mobility to offer a fitness program to help you reach your goals. This professionally coached program produces results, never gets boring, and creates a strong community of people who work together to improve their lives through fitness and nutrition. Whether you are looking to start your first fitness program, or are a seasoned athlete looking to improve performance, WildFire CrossFit in North Phoenix is for you!!

Why Wildfire? At WildFire CrossFit we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get incredible training that will help you get leaner and stronger, feel more positive about yourself, increase your energy level, and overall improve your way of life. We can accomplish that and a whole lot more by having amazing coaches who truly care about your success, creative programming that changes daily and keeps you engaged, and a friendly community that will welcome you in and help to hold you accountable to your fitness goals. No matter where you are when you begin, we welcome every level of fitness to come check out WildFire CrossFit.  Contact us TODAY to schedule your FREE Intro to WildFire so you can see what this family is all about!


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Our Coaches are some of the best out there. From your very first day they will show you the proper form and technique so that you can perform the exercises safely and efficiently. They are passionate about CrossFit, Fitness, and helping you reach your goals. They will both challenge you and cheer you on to do everything from lose weight, get stronger, increase your endurance, and all around get BETTER! The best part about the coaches at WildFire CrossFit is that they truly care about your success. They will make you feel like part of the WildFire CrossFit family on the first day you come into the gym.


Our programming is constantly varied, challenging, and fun. Each day you will have a different workout to keep the class fresh & new. While there will be benchmarks along the way to gauge your progress, each day we want you to learn something new to make you a better athlete. The workouts and exercises are infinitely scalable to fit whatever fitness level you may be or even to accommodate an injury concern.


We believe in Community first and the WildFire CrossFit Community is second to none. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is when you come in, we welcome everyone who wants the opportunity to get stronger, faster, and all around better. You will find that we work together to help each other reach our goals through fitness and nutrition. In any of our classes you will see athletes who are just starting a fitness program for the first time working out alongside athletes who have reached a very high level of fitness. This helps athletes who are new to the program see what is possible and learn from some of the best at the same time veteran athletes are reminded of the importance of good form and technique. It makes it a really fun environment where people cheer each other on and congratulate each other for their successes.





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What makes WildFire CrossFit so special is the members of the community, including the coaches, and how they work together. When we started WildFire, part of our philosophy is that we wanted everyone, no matter what their skill level, to feel welcome to get the best training available. We did not start as incredible athletes, just average people who get to push ourselves and others to do above average things. We are so lucky that our members check their egos at the door and embrace the philosophy of working together to get better. It makes it a really fun and friendly environment to be a part of. And yes, we have competitive athletes who train at a very high level and participate in CrossFit Competitions consistently. The members of our community show up big at local area CrossFit competitions and cheer on their fellow WildFire athletes. Those competitive athletes are the first to cheer on and congratulate others during class every day. We are a Community that supports each other to be our best and that is why the members of the WildFire CrossFit Community go Beyond Just Fitness every day!

CrossFit as a method of training is very different from most other fitness options, and let’s face it, there are a lot of options out there. One of the foundations of CrossFit is that the results are measurable over time. Every day we keep track of what we are doing. From the strength and skill work to the WOD, or Workout of the Day, we score everything so that you can see your progress over time. We explain to our athletes that it does not matter where you start, it matters where you are a month, 6 month, or even a year from now. Tracking our progress over time helps to keep us motivated to work harder and to focus on the areas that we need improvement.

In CrossFit it is not just about being great at one thing; it is about being good at everything. Instead of just focusing on strength OR endurance we focus on all 10 areas of physical fitness including things like balance, agility, and accuracy. This makes for a well rounded athlete and these skills transfer directly to any sport or activity. Today there are more and more professional athletes who are doing CrossFit in order to stay in shape for their sport