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Welcome To Wildfire CrossFit

Welcome to Wildfire CrossFit Phoenix, AZ! CrossFit is a fitness program like no other. It develops all ten areas of physical fitness using functional movements that are constantly varied and performed at high intensity. What does that mean for you? We combine weight lifting, cardiovascular endurance, body weight movements, and flexibility to offer a professionally coached program that produces results, never gets boring, and creates a strong community of people who work together to improve their lives through fitness.  Whether you’re looking to start your first fitness program, or are a seasoned athlete looking to improve performance, Wildfire CrossFit in Phoenix is for you. 

What's Happening at Wildfire Crossfit

  • Very Thankful at WildFire CrossFit
    Very Thankful at WildFire CrossFit

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It is a day of family, friends, food, and fun. It is also a day where we get to remind ourselves of all of the things we are thankful for. I know I am thankful for my health, my family, and my friends. I can tell you that at WildFire CrossFit, we have a lot to be thankful for. We are excited about the upgrades being completed very soon and the ability to give the members of our community more of what they want. Most of all we are thankful to have so many amazing athletes working together to be the best that they can be. Every day I see people getting amazing results. Yesterday, like most days, we had athletes challenging themselves to work harder and do more than they ever have with the bar muscle ups and handstand work. These are victories that are truly incredible, help us grow, and get us that much closer towards the goals we set for ourselves. The best part is, it is SO much fun to see the members of this community achieve so much success. As Coaches, we could not be more proud to have such amazing athletes and that’s what I am most thankful for. So THANKS for everything each and every one of you do to make WildFire CrossFit such a special place to be no matter what time of year it is!

    Wednesday, November 26th 2014

    Warm Up: Grinder Style

    Strength: Curtis ½ P

    WOD: 15 Min AMRAP
    40x Double Unders
    30x Sit Ups
    20x Wall Balls
    10x Push Ups

  • Keep Pushing Yourself
    Keep Pushing Yourself

    CrossFit is a blend of weightlifting, metabolic conditioning and gymnastics.  The goal is to give you strength and conditioning over 10 areas of physical fitness.  A lot of this comes down to exposure... You won't find rings at most gyms.  For the vast majority of those who do CrossFit, we don't realize that we can do a handstand until we do it. We may do a progression and start upside down in a downward dog position however we are constantly working up to being able to do a handstand.  No matter how complicted the movement is you don't really know what you can do until you are exposed to it. The muscle up is another great example of this. For many getting their first pull up is their first goal when they come to see us.  From that perspective a muscle up looks too complex however once you have accomplished a pull up what might be next?  Everyday we get better, faster, stronger because we push ourselves outside our comfort zones and do things that we never thought possible and if we stop pushig we stop improving.  Stay focused on the next step that is just outside what is comfortable for you and you will surprise yourself on what you CAN DO!

    Tuesday, November 25, 2014

    Warm Up: Double Unders & Agility

    Strength/Skill Work: Core Strength & Handstand Walks

    50 Push Jerks 135#/95#
    30 Bar Muscle Ups


  • Turkey Day Adventure THIS THURSDAY!
    Turkey Day Adventure THIS THURSDAY!

    It’s a holiday week and at WildFire CrossFit we are excited about the Turkey Day Adventure happening on Thursday. This is going to be a fun, family friendly event. If you have friends or family visiting, bring em with! Know someone who is interested in checking out CrossFit? They are welcome too!

    Check in begins at 7:30am and the 5K Trail Run will begin at 8am. At 9am we will begin the Obstacle Course and WOD. Remember to bring your can of food for ST. Mary’s Food Bank for entry! Come ready for a great day at WildFire CrossFit and then enjoy a great holiday with your family!

    Monday, November 24th 2014

    Warm Up: 400M Run
    Squat Therapy - Bar Squat - Wall Squat - OH Squat
    10x Push Ups
    10x Hollow Ups
    10x Superman
    x 2

    Strength: Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3-3

    WOD: 21x Goblet Squats
                   100M Sprint
                   21x Sumo DL High Pull
                   100M Sprint
                   15x Goblet Squats
                   100M Sprint
                   15x Sumo DL High Pull
                   100M Sprint
                   9x Goblet Squats
                   100M Sprint
                   9x Sumo DL High Pull
                   100M Sprint

  • Competitor Mindset This Sunday at 10am - OPEN TO ALL!!
    Competitor Mindset This Sunday at 10am - OPEN TO ALL!!

    This Sunday at WildFire CrossFit at 10am we will be holding a competitor mindset meeting for our athletes. This meeting is open to ALL athletes at WildFire CrossFit. Whether you are planning on competing and want to see what’s involved to get that edge OR you just want to be able to push harder in the daily workouts and reach your goals, you NEED to be at this meeting!!

    Friday, November 21st 2014

    Warm Up: 1000M Row

    Strength: Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5

    WOD: 2 Min at Each Station
    KB Swings
    Wall Balls
    Double Unders
    x 2 Rounds for Max Reps

  • Tracking is a Key to Success!
    Tracking is a Key to Success!

    Tracking numbers and logging progress is a hug key to success for most athletes. Think about it. The best athletes in the world keep stats on their accomplishments and their progress. Not a minute goes by in any given sporting event without hearing something like “he has scored 6 touchdowns in each of his last 2 games”, “his 80% free throw average leads the team”, or “he has a 2.41 ERA”. And those are just the big 3! The point is that these stats matter. They tell us what we have accomplished. They show us we are getting better. They help us push harder to accomplish more. It feels good to be able to say “I am better today than I was yesterday”.

    At WildFire CrossFit, we have made your tracking easier than ever. Yes, we still believe in the pen and paper success journal system. There is just something about writing it down that makes it even more real. With that in mind we have made some upgrades and are now able to take full advantage of the “Faceboard” score tracking system through Zen Planner. It lets us track our daily workouts including the Strength and the WOD. When recording your workout, be specific! We have added a new “Notes” section where you can record your weight if you scaled the workout up or down, as well as any changes to the movement or even thoughts or feelings on how the workout went for you.

    And now there are no excuses because it is easier than ever to record. While we will always encourage athletes to enter their score in the computer right after class, you can also do it on your phone or personal computer and here’s how:

    Go to and enter in your username and password. If you forgot or didn’t get your password, click on the “Forgot Your Password” link to have it resent to the email we have on file for you. If you have any issues logging into your account, please contact one of the coaches and we can take care of it for you.

    Once you have logged in go to “Record Today’s Workout” and log your score along with any notes. REMEMBER to make sure the “Public” box is checked and to check the box if you did the workout “Rx” or as prescribed.

    If you want to be sure to have access on your phone or mobile device, click on “Save to Home Screen” on your phone for easy access any time.

    This section is called “Member Connect” and there is all kinds of cool stuff you can do from here. You can register (or sign in) for classes and events, update billing or contact info, upload a picture, and even manage your results. The “Manage Results” section allows you to look at all of your past workouts and helps to track your progress over time. It will help you set goals and reach new milestones. Along with hard work, perseverance, and dedication, this will help you become the best athlete you can be!

    At WildFire CrossFit our goal is to give you the best fitness experience and community possible. As coaches we are here to help you get you amazing results. As a community we work together to push each other to achieve more. Measuring your progress over time will help all of us be the best we can be, and THAT, we guarantee!

    Thursday, November 20th 2014

    Warm Up: Mobility & Core Grinder

    Strength & Skill Work: Strict Toes 2 Bar

    WOD: 15 Min AMRAP
    200M Run
    5x Burpee Broad Jump
    10x Lunges
    20x Air Squats

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Latest News

  • ENDURANCE CLASS – NEW TIME! – 8am Saturday Mornings November 8th & 15th

    Now that it is cooling down we have moved the Endurance class to 8am. If you have ever said “my endurance sucks” then you NEED to attend this class! It is NOT just running. It will help you get your cardio in shape and help you last during every workout we do at WildFire CrossFit.

  • GROUP BASELINE –Monday, November 10th at 7:30 pm

    If you have never done the Baseline workout OR it has been 3 months or more since you did it last, you need to attend the Group Baseline and do the workout. One of the great things about CrossFit is that it is ‘measurable” and the Baseline allows you to measure your progress over time and gives you a great workout in a short period of time.

  • YOGA CLASS – Sunday, November 16th 2014

    Experience the power of Yoga for relaxation and mobility. This is a great way to add some recovery into your program after a long week of training. This is a FREE class and perfect for athletes who are either brand new to Yoga OR experienced with the discipline.


    Join Coach Tiff as she takes the nutrition seminar off site and explains the value of eating right and staying healthy. Nutrition is a HUGE part of what we do and she is one of the best at helping you navigate the best course possible to meet your goals.

  • SKILL CLINIC: MUSCLE UPS-Thursday, November 20th at 7:30pm

    The Muscle Up is a gymnastics skill that is essential to have in your CrossFit arsenal. Whether you are looking to compete or just want to get better, join us as we coach you through the skill as well as drills and strength work to get your muscle ups down.

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