• Brian Behrens, WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I've been coming to Wildfire CrossFit for about a year now, prior to that, I had never worked out consistently for any significant period of time in my life. Although in my twenties I had been blessed with a fast metabolism, age was catching up with me in my thirties and I started to pack on a few unwanted pounds. I won't lie and say that I enjoyed the first few months, but the coaches at Wildfire always encouraged me and somehow found a way to make me want to come back. As I have improved and found a routine that works for me, I dropped 20 pounds, increased my strength dramatically and toned every muscle in my body......I even had to have all my dress pants taken in a few inches! I can now say that I really enjoy the workouts and actually look forward to seeing the regular late afternoon crowd I work out with for our friendly competition. The coaching staff is fantastic, there is no pressure to do more than what is realistic and safe for each individual's ability and we all have a lot of fun working out HARD for about an hour. If you haven't done CrossFit in the past, don't see measurable results with your current workout plan or have trouble finding motivation to go to the gym, I would highly recommend Wildfire CrossFit to kick your workout into high gear.

    Brian Behrens
  • Bri Maynes, WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I always thought being active meant as long as you're out of your home doing something physical then it meant you were keeping in shape. But really, being active can take on any meaning depending on who you are. For me, I found my active lifestyle with CrossFit.

    I had no idea what that word meant or what it entailed. And so I took it upon myself to try several different gyms, or boxes, as we call them. Most boxes out there offered a free first class. How great! Boy, what a roller coaster of disappointment. Yes, each time I was explained what the class would be doing. Yes, they challenged me mentally and physically. But that free first class always ended up with someone wanting my verbal and written confirmation that I would be choosing their box right here right now. No one wants to feel pressured into doing something they've never done before. That's exactly how I felt. And so, after a friend referred me to WildFire CrossFit, I thought, I'm really not sure. One more attempt to see if this is really what I wanted.

    Bri Maynes Rack Positionv2First thing that comes to mind is I love WildFire CrossFit! My home away from home. I have felt the passion and desire from these amazing coaches since day one. They coach with determination and motivation. They make lasting impressions on all athletes. I have been challenged in such a positive way that I just can't get enough. I'm tested every day I set foot in that gym. There are no limits for me. The relationships I have with the coaches and my fellow athletes are not anything I could create anywhere else. When I am going my hardest during a workout and I hear my name and cheers for me to keep going I don't want to disappoint. I love that everyone at WildFire CrossFit is a team supporter and player. We push ourselves to the limit and it's okay. It's okay to set goals, reach them, and set new ones.

    There are so many proud moments I have achieved at WildFire CrossFit. Too many to list but the list is never-ending. There is always room for improvement. Never did I think I could do double unders, kipping pull-ups, flip tires or a handstand hold. I love adding to my achievements and doing it in a place where I love the great community.

    WildFire Crossfit is not just another gym. Not just another box. At WildFire CrossFit you are part of a community that wants you to be who you deserve to be and teaches you so much about yourself. Thank you Skip and Tiffany for being amazing and creating this Rockstar community. Fuel The Fire!!

    Bri Maynes
  • Cynde “Tater” Byrne, WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I found Wildfire CrossFit through one of the owners Tiffany. I had spoken to her about CrossFit for weeks and never felt pressure to come in and try it out. I finally gave in and I could not be any happier. Before WildFire I had been with a personal trainer for a year and barely saw any results in my healthy me journey. I walked into WildFire and was placed with a coach and Skip and they listened to my health problems (aka my funky knee) and modified my workouts for what I could do. Eventually I joined in on the group classes and all the coaches were there to help and support me in whatever I could or could not do and made sure I got a good workout in every time. Over time I have met some of the greatest people I know. I have come to have some of the most fun, loving, supportive friends in my life. The personal and friendly attention is the reason I stayed at Wildfire and just celebrated 2years there. Thank You to my WildFire Family for everything you have done and continue to do for everyone in the community every day.

    Cynde “Tater” Byrne
  • Michael Neill, WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    My first introduction to CrossFit was seeing the CrossFit Open on TV in 2013. At the time I was working out at a large franchise gym, and although I enjoyed working out there & stayed in good shape, there was never a strong connection to the gym. Over the past 10-15 years I’d also enjoyed participating in Mountain Bike & Road Bike races, so when I saw the CrossFit Open on TV I thought it looked interesting, but wasn’t aware there were local competitions at different skill levels. However, at the end of 2013 I was looking for a change in my workouts I thought I’d look around to find a local CrossFit gym and give it a try.

    I live close to Wildfire so I called and spoke to Skip on the phone and he was very informative and very friendly. There was no pressure and he said just come on in and try it for a week or so and make sure it’s right for you. My first class was January 1st , 2013 and from that point it build up, one week became one month, and I liked it so much I decided I would commit to a year and set a goal to go 160 times over the year (turns out I went 200 times in 2014).

    Being a member of Wildfire CrossFit is completely unlike being a member of a larger franchise gym. It reminded me of the local gym I worked out at when I was in college, everyone knew everyone, there was camaraderie and people helped you push yourself. I’m now in my second year of CrossFit and still enjoy it just as much as when I started. There is a great community of people engaged in the sport, not only at Wildfire, but I’ve also been able to compete in several local competitions and the attitude is the same at all the CrossFit events. People come from all walks of life there is a big community where everyone wants you to succeed. Joining Wildfire has been the one of the best decisions I have made related to working out and staying in shape and I would highly recommend to anyone to come down to Wildfire and give it a try.

    Michael Neill
  • Staci Budde, WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Prior to joining WildFire, my experience with CrossFit was minimal. I had tried out many different Boot Camps and area gyms, but I was just unmotivated to go each day and needed additional support to reach the goals that I had for myself.

    I was very nervous my first day at Wildfire and didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into. I had always been into cardio, but my experience of moving weight – heavy weight – was minimal and beyond that, I never enjoyed it because I was never taught how to properly do it. When I first walked in the door, everyone introduced themselves. They all helped me through the workout. In particular, each of the coaches took the time to answer the questions I had, cheer me on, and let me know that no matter if it’s my first day or 300th day, I am part of the community. After the first workout, I was hooked – I never sweat so much or physically worked so hard in my life!

    Wildfire CrossFit has become part of my everyday routine. As a family, we are at WildFire throughout the day, with our oldest son attending the kid’s classes during the week as well. WildFire is more than just a CrossFit gym though. WildFire has become a second family, with many friends working out side by side with me each day. When I think I can’t do it anymore, this community will cheer me on and work through any road blocks I am facing to help me through my challenges. WildFire has introduced me to competitions and even the Ragnar Relay Race, which is something I never saw myself doing, let alone completing. WildFire has also taught me proper eating techniques and mental toughness. Each day I come to WIldFire I become more passionate my body, both mentally and physically and continue to strive to achieve my goals. Thanks WildFire!

    Staci Budde
  • Rodney Allen M., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I would give 10 stars if I could. Wildfire is an amazing community of fitness focused individuals who truly care about each other and support each other in our fitness journey. We are all in a different place in our journey but at Wildfire we are all equal. I love it! Skip and Tiffany are amazingly positive, inspiring and supportive owners. I always say I go to Wildfire for the people and stay for the workout. The word "quit" doesn't exist at Wildfire. This place is amazing!!

    Rodney Allen M.
  • Philip N., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I was in town for a conference close to Wildfire. I found them via a Google search, and hit the jackpot! Great people, a fine facility, and challenging WODs. I spent three mornings with them so it wasn't a one-time fluke that they were all so nice! I highly recommend these folks if you are looking for a box to join or visit

    Philip N.
  • Jason M., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    This place is fantastic for all skill levels and the instructors really help push you to levels you didn't know you had.

    Jason M.
  • Tamika W., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Excellent motivation to get fit and healthy. The coaches and trainers are encouraging the group makes it fun, inspiring, and determine to meet and complete work out plan. This camp allows you to sweat, challenge you, and have fun at the same time. Wildfire CrossFit is definitely a great experience!

    Tamika W.
  • Jamie J., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Moving to Phoenix and finding a gym was no easy task. Wildfire is truly the place to be. The coaches truly work from the heart and want you to succeed. The community and the people here are like no other. The minute you walk in you're family. So if you're looking for a box look no further wildfire is the place to go.

    Jamie J.
  • Erin B., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I moved to Phoenix a few weeks ago and finding a great Crossfit gym was one of my top priorities. Once I started at Wildfire I didn't need to check out anywhere else. The community has been welcoming to me since day 1. Everyone comes in to work hard and support one another, and the owners Skip and Tiff are genuinely good people. Tons of classes offered and great WOD variety to make sure you are getting worked! Loving Wildfire.

    Erin B.
  • Daphne A., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Was looking for a crossfit program for my two boys and found Wildfire. They have been educational, inspiring and amazing! My boys LOVE class and hate missing a workout. My oldest looms forward to moving up in skill so he can work out with the adults. I would recommend anyone to try it. Wildfire is awesome and the staff is out of this world.

    Daphne A.
  • Wendy S., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    What a great and awesome bunch of people. You won't find a better box or a better program. I have been practicing fitness for 30 years and these guys really know what they're doing and they care about their members. Join, you won't regret it!

    Wendy S.
  • Joshua C., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    This is a long time coming so sorry for the delay. I am a firefighter from Houston, TX. and workout consistently at Crossfit Cypress on the Northwest side of town. I have been into crossfit for a year and a half and have worked out at a handful of different gyms. I have two children 6 and 4 at the time of our visit that always go to the gym with me. Now that you know about my situation time for a review!

    I was visiting family in Phoenix this last June and wanted to get a few workouts in during my stay. A quick google search later had me looking into gyms to see which one would be the best fit, kid friendly and close.

    I found Wildfire Crossfit and called before going to see how things work. They were great on the phone and I went to the gym just a few hours later. From the minute I walked in they made me feel like a part of their Crossfit family. The coaching is great and the programming was also fantastic. They have a nice and clean gym with a great children's area that my 6 and 4 year old both enjoyed. There is plenty of equipment and space to workout in and there was a broad range of athletes from people just starting to seasoned Crossfit veterans. No matter what your fitness level everyone was coached based off of their needs and pushed to work hard within their abilities. What I mean by that is good and safe coaching, they motivate people to work hard but maintain proper form and technique throughout the workout. I can say I highly recommend Wildfire Crossfit, so much that I actually wrote a review which is rare. I will make sure to stop in for all future visits.

    Thanks again for your hospitality during my stay and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon!

    Joshua C.
  • Adrienne H., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    The trainers are well educated, caring and dependable. Mostly the community of WildFire is why I keep coming back. It is an environment of inclusion and support, which are very important to me!

    Adrienne H.
  • Carrie S., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Wildfire Crossfit is an amazing place to workout. We have belonged to different gyms who just want your money and couldn't care less if you show up. The coaches at Wildfire are knowledgeable and want you to achieve your goals. This is a place where your whole family can begin to live a healthy lifestyle. You can bring your children and let them play in the children's area, while you work out. You can take a nutritional class with coach Tiffany and get the real help you are looking for to bring you up to the next level. Wildfire Crossfit isn't just a gym to our family. They have become part of our family and there is nothing better than working out with people who support you and are excited to see you reach your goals. The Sanders Family

    Carrie S.
  • James C., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I love this place, great people and awesome energy!

    James C.
  • Kristin G., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Wildfire is by FAR my favorite fitness community that I've ever been a part of!! The Coaches are AMAZING and the athletes are INCREDIBLE!! I love pushing myself to new limits and this is the BEST place to do it! I've been involved with fitness for many years and I can say that I've never been as strong as I am now after a year of being involved with Wildfire

    Kristin G.
  • Megan H., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Huge shout-out to Skip, Tiffany, and the entire WFCF team for being such gracious hosts during my stay in Phoenix. I happened to be in Phoenix for work and dropped by for some workouts, and the amazing coaches and fellow athletes made me feel like I've been training here for years! A really incredible community; if you haven't stopped by yet, then do! You won't be disappointed.

    Megan H.
  • David S., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I went here for my first time today. I was very impressed by their attention to detail on form for both safety and for getting the most out of the workout. I was constantly being watched and corrected (positively) when needed. Otherwise I was being pushed and encouraged. There were two coaches for our small group of four. The lead guy was obviously training the other guy and would quietly explain what his student coach was missing without undermining his student's authority---excellent teaching techniques. Highly recommend this CrossFit gym.

    David S.
  • Andrew B., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Great space and very welcoming gym owners and staff. Will be my go to box when I am in town. Thanks for having me Wildfire!

    Andrew B.
  • Joe C., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    This place is great! Coaches are very good and very patient with beginners. Lots of different styles from beginners to the advanced. Highly recommended!

    Joe C.
  • Maya N., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    From the mouth of a first time Crossfitter, you're going to love it. Wildfire Crossfit has created not only an amazing space, workout, and team but a community that is ready to welcome you in. Dive in. I Highly recommend it!

    Maya N.
  • Michelle B., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I highly recommend Wildfire! The community is a welcoming family and the coaches are AMAZING! They are invested in helping each member obtain their individual nutrition and fitness goals and becoming the best version of themselves. The environment is ideal for learning, building, and growth. I have been pushed and encouraged, leaving me amazed at what I have already achieved in a short period of time. I am so excited to see where I will go and what I will achieve!

    Michelle B.
  • Katelyn B., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Today was my first time ever doing cross fit and I was a little bit nervous because I didn't know what to expect but I really loved it! I'm glad I chose this gym to go to everyone was so nice and encouraging and motivational. Skip the instructor was awesome! I would recommend this gym to everyone!

    Katelyn B.
  • Laura S., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Wildfire Crossfit is truly a great place to come and learn about Crossfit and a healthier lifestyle. It is a place for everyone; beginners to experienced athletes. Coach Tiffany and Skip care equally about everyone and their individual fitness goals. The programming is top notch and easily scaled for new people wanting to learn about Crossfit. I've been blessed to have Coach Tiffany and Skip as my coach since I've started Crossfit. They have supported my personal goals and I'm so grateful! We are all like family here at Wildfire and we want to support everyone in their journey to a healthier lifestyle! Please come and join us and see what the buzz is all about.

    Laura S.
  • Brittany J., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Love Wildfire CrossFit. It's an amazing box, with even better coaches, and athletes that are like family. The energy and enthusiasm is always on fire. I would recommend this box to EVERYONE from beginners to pros.

    Brittany J.
  • James N., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Skip is great at both pushing me when I need pushing and pulling me back when I am over-reaching. There is nothing but positive energy both from the staff and the other people there to exercise! Wildfire is worth waking up for.

    James N.
  • Cindy H., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I love the motivation and support I get from the friendly and knowledgeable coaches. The Wildfire Crossfit community is filled with the most welcoming and encouraging people. I have always felt embraced and never felt like I was looked down upon. When you take a chance and try crossfit out, I'm certain you will love your experience at Wildfire just as I did.

    Cindy H.
  • Chris O., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    An amazing community! I started out at Wildfire in 2014 with no previous CrossFit experience; I hadn't even been to a gym in over three years. Skip, Tiff and the other coaches took the time to make sure I was doing the exercises properly, safely and at a level of difficulty that matched my abilities. 2.5 years later and I'm still motivated to show up to very day!

    I can't thank the Wildfire coaches and my fellow athletes enough for their support and motivation. You make working out challenging, but fun!

    Chris O.
  • Melissa B., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I've belonged to other gyms in the past but literally left before the first full month of membership. At Wildfire Crossfit they encourage you to meet your physical goals while safely teaching you the skills to be a successful Crossfit maniac! They help you in creating a strong mind set to push yourself to physical goals that you never thought were possible. Wildfire is a family... One that I am forever proud to be apart of.

    Melissa B.
  • Michael W., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    This gym is awesome! The last two times I've come to town I've worked out here and couldn't have had a better experience. I have been to other gyms in town but wildfire has great programming, knowledgable and encouraging coaches, and an amazing space. A must visit!

    Michael W.
  • Henry Y., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    The community at Wildfire CrossFit is hands down the best thing about Wildfire. It is the people there that pushes you daily to achieve things you never thought would be possible. Even after 2 years of training, I'm still in awe of discovering what my body is capable of achieving with hard work. Highly recommend Wildfire CrossFit, I would give it 10 stars if I could.

    Henry Y.
  • Janelle L., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Great facility, fun coaches, warm welcome! All of the members are supportive and friendly as well. It's worth me driving from Anthem.

    Janelle L.
  • Diana R., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Love it. I'm so glad I found this place! The trainers are all so nice and actually care about your fitness goals.

    Diana R.
  • Brett N., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Friendliest box in Phoenix! Always clean and excellent coaching.

    Brett N.
  • Joanna W., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I'm forever grateful for Wildfire and the community Skip and Tiff have created. Thank you for all you do to get people to be the best possible version of themselves. The feeling I feel.....besides the soreness haha....when I stand in the mirror and see my body changing for the better is indescribable. The smile I smile when I add weight to the bar, the high five I get at any given moment from a coach or new friend or even the sense of accomplishment after completing a new movement I never knew my body was capable of ALL OF IT can't be compared to anything I ever felt before. THANK YOU! Here's to your future.....and mine! I'm blessed to be a part of such an incredible family!

    Joanna W.
  • Barry P., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    I have been to many a CrossFit box, but when I travel to Phoenix, there is only one place I drop-in, and that is Wildfire CrossFit. The coaching is first class, the programming rocks, and the community is fantastic. It really feels like home away from home. It all starts with Coach Skip and Coach Tiff. They go out of their way to make you comfortable the minute you walk in the door. If you find yourself in North Phoenix, make it a priority to stop by Wildfire CrossFit. You won't be disappointed.

    Barry P.
  • Christopher O., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    This place delivers results! I started out at Wildfire six weeks ago with no previous CrossFit experience; I hadn't even been to a gym in over three years. Skip, Tiff and the other coaches took the time to make sure I was doing the exercises properly, safely and at a level of difficulty that matched my abilities. Day by day I can feel my strength, endurance and agility improve. In the last three weeks alone, I lost 10 lbs., reduced my body fat by 2.4% and shrunk my waist 4 in. Significant, measurable results!

    I can't thank the Wildfire coaches and my fellow athletes enough for their support and motivation. You make working out challenging, but fun!

    Christopher O.
  • Hannah H., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    CrossFit is an amazing triple threat of Constantly Varied Functional Movements done at a High Intensity. It has such and incredible ability to change lives of the people who walk in the door and make a commitment to be the best they can be! I have NEVER been to a better box then WildFire CrossFit! The coaches are amazing! The smartest coaches have the talent of knowing when to say "hold up" or "let's change this movement to something else to make it work for you". Not only that, but also have the talent of teaching the movements and having it stick in the student's mind so the next time they come in it's even better! Anything is scalable and these coaches know how to help you...AND kick your butt at the same time! You will get an amazing workout, meet incredible people as you are welcomed into the community, and feel great! They gym is as amazing visually as it's members and coaches are amazing personally! It is a community that pushes each other. It is a gym that makes you want to be on the floor gasping for breath. They are the coaches that you want to make proud! These are the people that want to see you succeed in every area of life but can help you dominate the fitness aspect of your day! Come in and check it out!

    Hannah H.
  • Gary H., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Down to earth and friendly fitness for every one!

    Gary H.
  • Jason S., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Wildfire CrossFit is an amazing place to workout. We have belonged to different gyms who just want your money and couldn't care less if you show up. The coaches at Wildfire are knowledgeable and want you to achieve your goals. This is a place where your whole family can begin to live a healthy lifestyle. You can bring your children and let them play in the children's area, while you work out. You can take a nutritional class with coach Tiffany and get the real help you are looking for to bring you up to the next level. Wildfire CrossFit isn't just a gym to our family. They have become part of our family and there is nothing better than working out with people who support you and are excited to see you reach your goals.

    Jason S.
  • Scott B., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Only 4.9 stars....really, this place is defiantly 5 stars, Coach Skip, Tiffany are awesome, i have been there for almost 20 months and love it. Highly recommended!!

    Scott B.
  • Denise N., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    The coaches and community here are awesome!! They do a great job of helping those who are new to crossfit and challenging those who are experienced.

    Denise N.
  • Kevin G., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    Being new to CrossFit, I wasn't sure what to expect. A friend brought me to Wildfire CrossFit for a free Saturday work out and I was blown away by the coaches, facilities and the sense of community. I have since been to big and small group classes and the attention you get from the coaches is unparalleled - from constant encouragement to an investment in meeting my goals both in and out of the gym.

    Recovering from a broken ankle with unrepaired ligament and cartilage damage, they have been able to scale each exercise to my ability, without giving me a free pass and making me work even harder on the other exercises.

    If you are looking for more than a just a gym - one with great people, tough workouts (no joke!) that are catered to your ability level, commitments from the coaches and the other members or just looking to change up your current routine - Wildfire CrossFit is the place.

    Kevin G.
  • Melissa B., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    First off just let me say my father was a competitive/ professional weight lifter and as such he has always been very specific about form and technique. That being said, when I first began CrossFit he was concerned that I would be joining a "box" that was "all competition without care for safety ". Needless to say, his fears regarding WildFire were misconstrued.

    The coaches at WildFire take every care to ensure safety and form. This isn't to say that they go "easy" on you...these coaches will push you to your utmost potential as you evolve towards your fitness goals. Whether those goals are to compete, lose weight, gain muscle, or just get healthy, they provide the tools and motivation to help you do your best.

    One thing that my husband and I value more than anything about WildFire is the community. It is one big happy family. One concern I had before starting was that it would be clicky or that people would be judgmental. Not here! We were warmly welcomed by all...in fact first timers normally receive applause :) Ever since, we have been part of the WildFire family and have made lasting friendships with other positive people.

    The gym is very kid friendly...our daughter runs to the door every morning after breakfast so excited to head over to CrossFit. There is an enclosed kid area to side where she can be seen and play.

    Like I said I could go on on how fabulous WildFire's community and coaches are but to wrap it up let me just say that as a result of WildFire CrossFit I have lost 10% of stubborn post baby fat and have made huge gains in my fitness level. Such as increasing my deadlift by 25lbs in just three weeks! Not to mention being able to run again without stopping every two seconds...

    Great box, fabulous coaches, amazing people, and real results.

    Melissa B.
  • Amy W., WildFire CrossFit Testimonials

    CrossFit is great. CrossFit at WildFire CrossFit is even better!

    Set on a dead end road about 400m from a beautiful mountain trailhead, the location of this box is wonderful. There are never worries about running into busy intersections while working out.

    After arriving, you enter a nice waiting are with comfy couches. Then, the workout space opens up to reveal tall ceilings and tons a light--no dungeon workouts here. There is plenty of space to stash your stuff, the workout floor is neatly organized, and it even has a dedicated space for stretching.

    The coaching is spot on. Whether you are a beginner or a competitor the coaches at WildFire CrossFit can assist you. Emphasis on technique and intensity make this a great pace to WOD. The people who I have had the pleasure of taking classes with have that CrossFit community mentality. I regularly work out with college students, retirees and everyone in between.

    At WildFire CrossFit you will know the owners and they will know you! Not only will they know you, but they will take your efforts to be a better version of you seriously.

    Amy W.


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