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These 30-Minute Bodyweight Workouts Are Great For Everyone At Any Time!

Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey, are short on time, or need to add something to your daily regimen, our Bodyweight Workouts are a perfect solution, no matter where you are.

These super-efficient 30-minute classes are comprised of mainly bodyweight exercises to help you:

  • Build Strength & Cardio
  • Burn fat FAST


  • Increase your agility, flexibility, and balance

Join us at WildFire at the scheduled time and one of our expert Coaches will take you through each workout, helping you modify the exercises to meet your level of fitness.

No time to get in?

Find out how you can join us online and get the Coaching and community interaction you need to succeed.

Traveling or can’t make it into the gym?

Follow our At Home workouts on the WildFire CrossFit Facebook page to keep it going no matter what life throws at you! Fill out the form on your screen to learn more today! 

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