Good form and technique will make your Split Jerk better!

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We started the week with a workout that most everyone would describe as grueling. The 4 x 300m weighted runs were no joke, and then a workout that had 50 more squats than “Karen”, PLUS 800m of running AND 100 Dumbbell Hang Cleans, tested the best athletes we have at WildFire CrossFit.

Today, is a lot more strength based, and a great chance to work on form and technique. Of all the overhead lifts we do in CrossFit, you should be able to lift more weight with the Split Jerk than any other lift. If you can lift more in the other overhead lifts (Strict Press, Push Press, or Push Jerk), don’t worry, with time, practice, and above all, patience, you will be hitting those big numbers before you know it.

Just like any of the compound movements we do in CrossFit, even after years of hard work, there is still going to be room for improvement. As many of you have heard me say, I’m going to bring it back to golf again. Even the best golfers in the world, and I’m talking about the professional level, work on their swing, and make changes over time to improve their efficiency. It may look simple when we watch them hit a monster drive right down the middle of the fairway on the hardest courses available, however, anyone who’s ever stepped up to a tee box knows that it’s not as easy as it looks.

That’s why today, at WildFire CrossFit, we are going to spend time working on the form and technique of the Split Jerk, which will help you lift more weight. We programmed a complex specifically designed to help you engage your strongest muscles (glutes, hamstrings, quads, and lower back) and apply them to this movement, giving you more power to get the bar from the rack position to overhead. 

Getting stronger is going to take time. It’s also going to make it a lot more fun, when you can do workouts closer to the prescribed weight. In fact, in the workout we have today, we made the weight challenging, knowing that most are going to have to scale the weight. That challenge is what makes it all worthwhile. Knowing that you are going to push yourself to do more, go heavier, and with the best form possible.

Today, listen to the Coaching and work on getting better at this lift. As you learn to use your hips to apply power in an overhead lift like the split jerk, it’s only going to get easier to do the same in every other exercise we do. That’s what will make you a better athlete and being the best YOU can be is all we want for you here at WildFire CrossFit. So get into WildFire today, get better at your Split Jerk, and just like yesterday, be the best you can be AND have FUN doing it!

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