5th Annual Fire & Ice Timeline, Recap, Results, and THANK YOU's

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WHAT AN INCREDIBLE WEEKEND!! The 2019 Fire & Ice Competition is in the books and it was an amazing day!!

Friday, May 17th, 6:30pm – 9:30pm: Judges Meeting & Setup

Evening classes were just finishing up as our incredible group of volunteers started showing up to make the final preparations for the next days festivities. Coaches Chris Stasik (Head Judge) & Chris Kern (M.C.) briefed the judges on the workouts. They went over the movement standards on the 3 main WODs plus the Floater and answered questions to make sure all the judges were on the same page, while other volunteers started organizing the equipment and getting the gym ready for the start of the first workout.

Once the judges meeting was complete, we discussed several configurations for where the equipment would be placed and how it would be setup for each workout. Once we determined the best setup, we got the first workout ready to go, taped off the gym floor, and once we were satisfied that everything was ready for the morning, we all went home for some much-needed rest before what we knew would be a very hectic and fun day.

Saturday, May 18th, 6am – Day of the Fire & Ice Competition

As we arrived at the gym, we knew there was still a lot of work to do before the athletes and our full squadron of volunteers showed up. From getting the equipment ready, setting up warm up areas both inside and out, getting un-needed equipment out of the gym, and getting the check in area and front parking lots ready, everyone had their assignments, and diligently worked to make the day GREAT!

7:30am – Athlete Check In

As athletes started arriving from all over the state of Arizona with tents, coolers, and everything they would need for a day of competing in tow, they were directed on where to set up and park before they checked into the gym. This year, we moved the athlete tent area to the back of the gym, so they would be closer to all the action.

At 8am, there was a final briefing with the judges to make any final announcements as we made sure everyone was in place, had their assignments, and were ready to go.

8:30am – Athlete Briefing

As the gym filled up with the teams who would be competing in the 5th annual Fire & Ice Competition at WildFire CrossFit, M.C. Kern and Head Judge Stasik briefed the athletes on the first 2 workouts, “Team Briggs” and “Pound for Pound”. In each workout, teams of 4, two men and two women, would compete in either the Rx or the Scaled division.

9am – National Anthem & Start of First Heat

“Team Briggs” – First, the male pair would work through 1000meter Row, 75 Wall Balls (Rx – 25/20 | Scaled – 20/14), 50 Burpees to a Target (Rx – 8’/7’ | Scaled – 7’), and 25 Thrusters (Rx – 95/65 | Scaled – 75/55), and then the female pair would work through the same. Both pairs had 18-min to complete the workout.

Once the Anthem was complete, the athletes were ready. M.C. Kern gave the final instructions, directed athletes to their starting positions, shouted “3-2-1-GO!”, and the athletes were off at a furious pace for a race to beat the time cap…and each other!

Starting with the row, each pair of athletes could switch off as much as they wanted to complete the workout as fast as possible. As you can see from the scores, it was extremely close, and every rep counted. In fact, in the Rx Division, we had to use the tie-break time of the fastest male pair to decide the finals, and the difference was once 1-second.

The completion of this workout had athletes sprawled on the floor, gasping for air, even needing a few minutes before being able to cheer on their female teammates. Only 1 team from each division even completed the workout in it’s entirety. Leftover reps were added as seconds to the other team’s scores.


As soon as the final heat for WOD 1 was complete and athletes were off the floor, our crack equipment crew sprung into action, clearing the floor of un-needed equipment, and setting the stage for WOD 2, appropriately named, “Pound for Pound”.


10:45am – Start of First Heat for WOD 2

“Pound for Pound” was our strength workout for the 2019 Fire & Ice Competition. Each athlete had 3 minutes to complete a 1 Rep Max Lift in 1 of 4 Squat movements. Starting with the Overhead Squat, and immediately followed by the Front Squat, Back Squat, and then Squat Clean. After all 4, 1-Rep Max lifts were complete, Teams had 3 minutes to complete as many reps as possible of a gymnastics movement, each with a different value that would get added to their overall weight.

Each athlete had to complete a lift and teams could choose the best athlete for each lift. Once the gymnastics portion began, only 1 athlete could be working at a time, and they could cycle through in whichever order they wanted. In the Rx Division, each Bar Muscle up was worth 10 pounds added to the team’s weight total, 5 pounds was added for each Chest to Bar Pull Up, and 1 Pound was added for Each Pull Up. In the Scaled Division, each Chest to Bar Pull up was worth 10 pounds, Pull Ups were worth 5 pounds, and Jumping Pull Ups were worth 1 pound.

The lifts were incredible to watch as athletes flexed their muscles, shouted encouragement to their teammates, and showed everything they had in each of their lifts. We knew we were in for a show when athletes started asking if more weight would be available before they began. It wasn’t. The teams had to make do with the 500+ pounds of weight that they got that would safely fit on the bars.

We purposely did the Squat Clean last as it was the one lift that athletes would complete from the ground, to clear the way for the gymnastics portion as soon as the final lift time was complete. We saw PR’s galore before bodies started flying through the air. Once the dust settled, the top teams in each division did a TON of weight…almost. Between the lifts and the added gymnastics values, the top Rx Team completed 1954 pounds and the top Scaled Team complete 1920 pounds.

12:20pm – Start of First Heat for WOD 3

“Devil’s Playground” was a signature workout style from the past 4 years of the Fire & Ice Competitions where athletes had to stay in order from start to finish. Rx Athletes had 12 minutes to complete as many reps as possible of 25 Toes To Bar, 20 Box Jump Overs 24/20, 15 Devil’s Press 50/35, and 10 Alternating Pistols. Scaled Athletes had the same 12 minutes to complete 25 Knee Raises, 20 Box Step Ups & Over (24/20), 15 Devil’s Press (35/20), and 10 Weighted Lunges (35/20).

Only 1 athlete could work at a time and they had to tag in and out in the same order they started. Each athlete had to do at least 1 rep before they could move on to the next athlete. Therefore, if an athlete tagged in who couldn’t complete an exercise, they would be stuck, so there was a good bit of strategy involved.

You could tell from the beginning of this workout that most teams had put together a strategy and had practiced this workout in advance. “Devil’s Playground” was an all-out effort from the very beginning and a lot of fun to watch!

The Floater

Every year at Fire & Ice we have done a “Floater” WOD. Every other workout is done in heats, where we run all the teams through that workout until it is finished, and then we start the next workout. The “Floater” is done at some point throughout the day, and once we announced the workout, Teams had to sign up for their specific time to complete the event.

The Floater is usually something simple, and this year, we really dumbed it down by having athletes complete a 4 x 400M Relay for Time. There was a lot of talk beforehand about letting athletes’ row instead of run, or letting an athlete run twice if someone couldn’t run. Both brought up challenges that we felt would give some teams an unfair advantage. Plus, running is a basic fitness skill, and for someone entering a competition like Fire & Ice, being able to run 400 meters at a decent pace should be a pre-requisite.

So, we ordered orange and blue batons from Amazon to make it official, made sure we had extra batteries for the stopwatches, and let the athletes fly!

It was really cool to see how fast some of these athletes went. It also showed that in CrossFit, just because you are strong and/or good at gymnastics skills, it doesn’t necessarily transfer to every area of your fitness. At the competition level, you have to train for everything, expect the unexpected, and work to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

It turns out, the Floater WOD had a tremendous impact on the overall scores. Not only was it more challenging for some teams than others, we also use it as our 2nd tie-breaker, with the first being the fastest male pair to complete the first workout, “Team Briggs”.


1:30pm – Announcement of the Final WOD for the Top 4 Teams

Once the scores were tallied and the floor was cleared, we were ready to announce the Top 4 Teams who would be in the final workout. It would be an understatement to say it was close. In fact, a couple things happened behind the scenes to make it even more close.

First, B-Team from CrossFit North Scottsdale, brought to our attention a change in their score that had an impact on their placing. They noticed that in WOD 3, “Devil’s Playground”, they scored higher than teams who they knew completed more reps that they did. Whether we would have cought it or not was beside the point. It took a lot of courage and honor for them to bring this to our attention, knowing it would take them out of contention to be one of the teams in the finals. B-Team and CrossFit North Scottsdale, we appreciate your honesty and the spirit you showed all day in the Fire & Ice Competition.

Second, we had to use the first tie-break to determine the 4th team to compete in the final workout and the difference was only 1-second. It just goes to show that every second really does count in any competition. Just 1 slip of the barbell, 1 trip getting out of the rower, even 1 missed target or no rep on a wall ball can be the difference.

1:45pm Start of the Final WOD for the Top 4 Teams in each Division

Once the dust settled, we had the top 4 teams for the final workout of the day, which we were VERY excited about. This year, we brought back a blast from the past and probably one of the most well-liked final workouts we have ever done at the Fire & Ice Competition.

“4 Girls” is a fan favorite from the 2nd Fire and Ice Competition. This year, we changed things up a bit and threw in some extra challenges. It is year 5 of course.

How it worked was, each team member was responsible for a different “Girl” workout. If you aren’t sure what the CrossFit Girls are yet? You might want to google it before continuing.

The 4 Girls we used, in order, were:

Diane: 21-15-9 Deadlift & Handstand Push Ups
Isabel: 30 Snatches For Time
Fran: 21-15-9 Thrusters & Pull Ups
Grace: 30 Clean & Jerks For Time

For the Rx Division, we decided to make it even more challenging by making the Handstand Push Ups in “Diane” strict, and the Pull Ups in “Fran” chest to bar. We also increased the weight in both “Isabel” and “Grace” to 155lbs for men and 105lbs for women.

Even the Scaled Division got more of a challenge as they had to do each of these workouts at the normal Rx Standards. “Diane” was 225lbs Deadlifts for men and 155lbs for women and for the handstand push ups they could do kipping or strict. “Fran” was 95lb Thrusters for men and 65lbs for women, and chin over the bar pull ups. And finally, the weight for “Isabel” and “Grace” was 135lbs for men and 95lbs for women.

Teams could choose whichever teammate they thought was best suited for each workout. This gave them a chance to optimize their strengths. As soon as one workout was completed, they would tag in the teammate performing the next workout and that person would then immediately begin working. There was a 20-minute time cap to complete all 4 workouts.

It was awesome! While East Valley finished all 4 workouts in an astonishing 12:23 in the Rx division, the other 3 teams had a race to the finish, which is exactly what we wanted for the final WOD.

In the scaled division, Will WOD for Beer from CrossFit Show Low was the only team to complete all 4 workouts, however, less than 30 reps separated 2nd-4th place.

The final workout was really just a huge exclamation point on a truly incredible day!! We got incredible feedback from everyone, stayed on time, and had no major issues judging or scoring all day long, which is one of the things we wanted when we started the very first Fire & Ice Competition back in 2015.

2:30pm – Awards Ceremony

When it was all said and done, every single team who competed did incredible! We could not be prouder of your performance, how you showed up, and the way you pushed each other to your limits.

Before I talk about the final results, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to each and every team who came out and competed. Whether you came from down the street, or drove hours to get here, we appreciate you taking your time to participate in the 5th Annual Fire & Ice Competition and hope you had an absolute blast!

If possible, an even BIGGER THANK YOU to all the judges and volunteers who made this competition possible. We are so blessed to have so many incredible people in our lives and we could not have done it without you!!! Below is a complete list of all the volunteers. Please take a minute and read through the list because it really does take a lot of people to make this event happen each year. If you are friends with any of them on Facebook, give them a shout out and a “Thank You” for all their hard work.

At the end of the day, what makes it a competition is the teams who made it up on the podium. As promised, it was a close competition and we had to use the tie-break system to determine the 2nd and 3rd place spots.

Each Team walked away with some very cool prizes from our incredible sponsors, and in addition to prizes, the Rx Division Teams walked away with cash…which is always nice.

Here are the final results of the 2019 Fire & Ice Competition at WildFire CrossFit. Stay tuned for more information regarding this incredible competition throughout the week, and THANKS AGAIN for everyone who helped make it an AMAZING day!!


THANKS AGAIN TO OUR INCREDIBLE GROUP OF VOLUNTEERS! We love you all and appreciate your hard work!!


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