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One of the founding principals of the CrossFit Philosophy is that our workouts are constantly varied.

What that means is that every day, we are changing things up. From the exercises we do, the time domains and intensity levels, the rep schemes, and even that day’s focus, changes daily.

One thing that stays consistent is that, on average, 4 out of 5 days each week we are going to do a warmup, some sort of strength, and then the WOD, or, Workout of the Day. While there is consistency to this, it still gives us a lot of leeway to change things up too.

Usually when we do strength work, it will be a certain number of sets and reps, an EMOM, where we do a certain number of reps every minute on the minute, or something similar.

Today is a great example of constantly varied and by combining modalities of weightlifting and endurance, we can more efficiently work the entire body.

For strength today we are doing weighted step ups immediately followed by a 100M Run or Row. Each round is for time. There are a ton of benefits for both exercises, especially when we put them together.

The weighted step up is a great way to improve balance and symmetry between the right and left side of the body. Because we are using 1 leg at a time with the same weight, we are building strength more equally as opposed to a Squat or Deadlift where you can compensate for a lack of strength on 1 side of the body. In fact, you are going to notice today that 1 leg will be more challenging than the other, and if you don’t, it just means you are already well-balance, so, GREAT JOB!

The weighted step up is also going to help improve your power and explosiveness, and improve strength in exercises like squats and deadlifts, and even more complex exercises like pistols & toes to bar.

The 100m Sprint we are going to do immediately after the weighted step ups will stimulate muscle growth and will specifically target the fast twitch muscles that will help increase your speed and explosiveness. It’s also going to help you increase your endurance and help speed up your metabolism for more fat loss (something everyone can use).

By combining these exercises and adding in rest after each set, our strength today is going to help you overall build more power, speed, and explosiveness. Be sure to take the prescribed amount of time between sets, as we want you as fresh as possible when you begin each round.

Above all, have FUN today! Know that you are doing things that most people will never do to get faster, stronger, and all around better, and the best part is, you are doing it together! So get into WildFire CrossFit TODAY for all kinds of benefits, and all kinds of FUN!!



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