Pinnacle Wins their 3rd straight D1 and first JV State Championships!!!

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This weekend, we got to watch the Pinnacle High School Hockey Team win, not one, but two State Championships. On Saturday night, the Pioneers D1 Team beat Sandra Day O’Conner to win their 3rd straight title. And Sunday night, the Pioneers JV Team beat Desert Mountain Vista to win the JV State Championship.

It was incredible!  It really brought me back, a number of years, to my own high school sports experience. It was awesome to watch parents and fellow students pack the stands in the sold-out Ice Den in North Scottsdale. Cheering and screaming for their friends, sons & daughters, and even grandchildren to win the game. We screamed in triumph when they scored a goal and yelled in frustration when a call went against them.

Last night, I looked at Tiffany as the Pinnacle JV Team scored their first goal and she had tears in her eyes. Good thing it wasn’t until they scored their second goal that we realized the first one got called back. She would have been pissed!

The best part was seeing these athletes, who put their heart body and soul into this sport all season long, many of whom we have had the opportunity & privilege to coach in off-ice training at WildFire, come together when it was all said and done to celebrate their well-deserved victory.

As the final seconds ticked off the clock, they were ahead by two goals. Even with under a minute left, they couldn’t let up as they were outnumbered due to the other team pulling their goalie. Pinnacle had 2, length of the rink shots, that missed the empty net by inches, and Desert Mountain kept the pressure on Pinnacle to defend their goal.

Watch the final seconds HERE!

Defend their goal they did. Even with the final seconds ticking off the clock, these athletes were skating as hard, if not harder than they were in the opening seconds. They worked together, fighting tooth and nail to keep their lead. When the clock finally read 0:00, it was amazing to see gloves, helmets, and sticks flying through the air as their bench cleared and they sprinted to the middle to celebrate their victory in one huge group hug…or pile on, it was hard to tell.

It gave both of us goose bumps and we were so glad we got to witness it. The celebration continued as they passed out their state championship medals, awarded the MVP, and finally handed out the Hockey State Championship Cup, which each player took for a spin around the ice.

It was just as incredible to see the sportsmanship each team showed for each other. Each team took turns shaking hands and offering congratulations 3 different times from the time the game ended until everyone skated off the ice.

The best part was knowing that these kids will remember this feeling for the rest of their lives and I sincerely hope this gives them a taste of what winning is all about and how hard work pays off. I know they will continue the hard work, dedication, and discipline that made them such an incredible team this year, and ultimately made them State Champions.

They deserve all the recognition and congratulations because they worked hard, they pushed each other and worked together as a team, and they reached their goals. What makes this program great is that even with all of their past success, they aren’t settling for what they’ve got. While they may take a well-deserved break, it will be a short one, and before you know it, these athletes will be back on the ice, back in the gym, and ready to continue dominating High School Hockey in Arizona.

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