What an Awesome Weekend at WildFire CrossFit!

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What an awesome weekend at WildFire!

Saturday started with CrossFit Endurance at 7am. Athletes got into the gym bright, early, and ready to get their blood pumping and body moving to start their day.

As they began their workout, athletes started showing up to warm up and get ready for the Level 2 Fitness Test at 7:30 am. We call it the “Orange Band” test because this is what each athlete receives for passing all 3 phases of the test.

The Level 2 Test is divided into 3 Parts. Part 1 is Endurance & Gymnastics, Part 2 is Strength, and Part 3 is the WOD.

Since Part 1 started with a 1 Mile Run, the Endurance Class showed their support and ran with them, helping to push them to go faster. Then, they had to complete 25 Handstand Push Ups and 15 Ring Dips. While there is a time cap of 20 minutes for Men and 23 minutes for Women, the first part is more about the athletes demonstrating their proficiency in these gymnastics skills than having to go all out for time.

It was awesome to see each athlete working hard to complete these exercises, and they had plenty of support as the WildFire Community came out to cheer them on and help judge their performance. While not everyone passed, there is no doubt each and every athlete participating gave it 100% effort to make it through.

Then, we moved on to the Strength portion, where athletes had to complete 10 Deadlifts at 1½ bodyweight for men and bodyweight for women, 5 Cleans at bodyweight for men and ¾ bodyweight for women, and finally, 3 Overhead Squats at ¾ bodyweight for men and ½ bodyweight for women.

While it was not required that they complete these exercises unbroken, no more than 3 seconds was allowed between each successful rep which added to the challenge.

Finally, the WOD which was the most challenging part of the test. Athletes had to complete the benchmark workout, “Jackie” in under 9 minutes for men and 11 minutes for women. The WOD consisted of a 1000m Row, 50 Thrusters with a 45# bar for both men and women, and 30 pull ups.

As we have seen from past Level 2 tests, this was the part that stymied most of the athletes. In addition to the challenge of the workout and the time cap, this was the final part of the test, so athletes were already tired.

The WildFire crew cheered them on and pushed them to get their best score possible. In the end, Thomas was the lone survivor and received his Level 2 Orange Band for passing all 3 parts of the test.

This was the first Level 2 Test we have done since the first one where none of the athletes had previous experience with the workouts. We had 4 other athletes who were within 30 seconds of passing.

Like so many of the challenges we face in CrossFit, this test was just as much mental as it was physical. Knowing each of these athletes, they will work harder than ever to practice their skills, improve their strength, and come up with a strategy for success the next time they have a chance to take it on.

Congratulations to each of you for taking on this challenge. We are so proud of your work ethic and your performance. Great Job Thomas, who has taken the next step towards being the best athlete he can be and really stepped up as a leader on Saturday.

We will do this test again right after the Open, so stay tuned, and get ready. You all have the chance to be your best, incredible, self!

At 8am, our CrossFit Kids took the stage and made their way through the Level 1 Kids Fitness Test. This test consists of several different exercises such as Sit ups, Air Squats, Push Ups, Running, and Jump Rope that they need to complete a certain number in a period of time.

Just like the adults, these kids rose to the occasion and pushed themselves and each other to get incredible results. They did awesome and we are so proud of all their hard work. CrossFit Kids is all about helping the future reach the next level of fitness.

Then, at 9am, our CrossFit Friends and Family class took over the gym and over 30 people came in to get their WOD on and have some FUN!

This is one of our favorite classes at WildFire because athletes who come at all different times throughout the week are able to work out together. We focus more on a great workout and less on complex skills and often will do partner and team workouts and even play some games that test our fitness skills. PLUS, this class is always FREE and open to the public, so it’s a great opportunity to invite friends and family who want to check out what WildFire is all about!

At 10am we have our, always challenging, THROWDOWN class. This class is not for the feint of heart. In fact, the workouts we throw at you will challenge even the best athletes. This is the class where we push athletes to their limit and then expect them to do more.

As usual, these athletes rise to the occasion and push each other to complete the work and show both their physical and mental toughness.

Finally, we finish off our Saturday class schedule with Olympic Lifting where athletes work through sets of exercises that will help them get stronger and get better at the Olympic Lifts, Clean & Jerk and Snatch.

If this class sounds like something that would help you be a better athlete, and you aren’t quite sure the difference between the Clean & Jerk and Snatch yet, join us for next months Olympic Lifting 101 where Coach Stasik breaks down the basics of each lift and makes sure you are ready to hit the ground running when you attend on either Tuesday night at 7pm or Saturday morning at 11:15am.

Talk about a packed Saturday morning, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Saturday’s at WildFire are always a blast and there’s something for everyone.

Great job to everyone who attended any of these classes. Another HUGE shout out to all the athletes who participated in the Level 2 Fitness Test. Pass or fail, you can hold your head high knowing you gave it your all. Congratulations to Thomas, our newest Level 2 athlete. We look forward to getting you more company when we do it again in early April.

At WildFire, we are always going to continue giving you incredible Coaching, Classes, and Programming to make you workouts fun and exciting, and a Community that will help push you to be your very best!

The WildFire Way is all about Fitness, Family, Fire, and of course, FUN!

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