Level 2 Fitness Test - Saturday, January 19th at 7:30am

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Level 2 Orange Band Fitness Test - This Saturday, January 19th at 7:30am

At WildFire CrossFit, something that you have heard us say repeatedly is, “We are a Community of people who work together to achieve our goals through fitness and nutrition”.

We started this gym because we love being able to help share that spark that helps ignite people’s lives and then help them reach their true potential. What that means is your goals are our goals. We only want what is best for you.

Every decision we make and everything we do is to help give EVERYONE a place where they feel welcome, where they can get inspired, and where they can be their best self.

And that’s why we coach, to be able to do as much good for as many people as we possible.

That’s what I love about the fitness testing we do at WildFire CrossFit, and this weekend is the Level 2 Fitness Test. That’s right, this Saturday, January 19th at 7:30am.

What is the Level 2 Fitness Test? I’m glad you asked…

Part One: Part Two: Part Three:
Endurance / Gymnastics Strength WOD
1 Mile Run 10x Deadlifts 1 ½BW / BW  “Jackie” - For Time
25x Handstand Pushups 5x Cleans BW / ¾BW 1000M Row
15x Ring Dips 3x OH Squats ¾BW/ ½BW   50x Thrusters  (45 / 45)
30x Pull Ups
For Time
9:00 Men / 11:00 Women


As you can see, the Test is comprised of 3 parts, and yes, you will have plenty of rest between each section. It is designed to challenge every area of your fitness.

If you have passed your Level 1 “Black Band” Fitness Test, YES, you should participate in the Level 2 Test this weekend. In fact, if you already received your Level 2 Band, it would still be a great idea for you to participate.

Besides the fact that these workouts are a great test of your fitness to this point, by re-testing, you will be able to see where you are now in relation to when you passed it, and it may even give you a few things to works on.

Just going through these workouts is a challenge all its own. Think of how accomplished you will feel when you pass.

And sure…it’s easy to let your mind go to “well what happens if I don’t pass”.

Let’s talk about that for a second….what is the worst that will happen. You may feel a little disappointed for a little while, even though you shouldn’t, because just pushing yourself through these workouts is a huge accomplishment.

Look at the positive and think about how much you will learn about the test and yourself. Use what you learn to work harder and get better at the areas that need improvement. The feeling you will have when you pass the test after a previous failure will probably be even better than if you just breeze through it your first time.

I remember talking with Coach Chris Stasik about his experience with the Level 2 Test. I asked him if he thought we should change the time for the “Jackie” portion to make it easier for people to pass. Before I even finished the question, he was shaking his head no and then said, “No Way”.

He told me he knew how challenging the time for “Jackie” would be to beat, and that it motivated him to work harder and get better. On the day of the test, even though he passed the first two workouts with flying colors, he had his doubts about beating “Jackie” (the workout I mean. Take it easy ladies), until he looked at the clock on his way to the pull up bar and thought, “I’ve got this”.

And he did!

This is more than just about fitness. This is about helping you get better in every sense of the word. Physically and mentally stronger than you were before…no matter what the outcome.

This is one of many things that makes it easy to love what we do. In the world today, helping people gain more confidence and be more positive is what going “BEYOND JUST FITNESS” is all about…and it’s what we live for.

So get into WildFire CrossFit this Saturday, January 19th at 7:30am to participate OR cheer on the Level 2 Fitness Testers!


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