Today at WildFire we are taking on the benchmark WOD "Angie"

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It’s Monday, and we have a Benchmark workout to get your week started at WildFire CrossFit.

We do a lot of different kinds of workouts at WildFire CrossFit. We use anything from traditional equipment like barbells, plates, kettlebells, and rowers to bodyweight exercises like air squats, sit ups, running, and pull ups.

With so many different possibilities, we have an infinite number of workout combinations to choose from, and that doesn’t even consider changes in weight or reps. In CrossFit Beyond the Whiteboard alone, there are almost 8 million different workouts.

With all these different options, our challenge is keeping the daily programming constantly varied while still getting the benchmark workouts in that we need to measure our progress. Believe it or not, there is always a method to the madness.

It’s important to be able to challenge yourself with benchmarks like 1 rep max lifts, Girl and Open WODs, and even Hero workouts like Murph. Today, we are doing “Angie” which is a 100 Reps of Pull Ups, Push Ups, Sit Ups, and Air Squats.

While bodyweight workouts like Angie may not seem very exciting, they are incredible for adding a strength and stability through volume to make you better for workouts like 1 Rep Max lifts like the Back Squat or Clean & Jerk, or other girls such as Fran (21-15-9 Thrusters and Pull Ups) or Grace (30 Clean & Jerks for Time).

By strengthening your body with the range of motion bodyweight exercises allow for, it will also help make you better at other bodyweight exercises like Muscle Ups or Handstand Push Ups.

Being able to do 100 of any exercise isn’t too bad when you can break it up into sets of 20 or less reps. When you must do 100 in a row, it’s a different story.  The volume of the reps will help you build stamina as well as mental toughness. That mental toughness will transfer to everything else we do.

Bottom line is that workouts like Angie are important to get in for. It’s easy to do workouts with exercises or rep schemes that you know you are good at and enjoy, it’s a whole other challenge to push yourself to perform well on exercises and rep schemes that aren’t’ necessarily in your wheelhouse.

So, how do you get the best time possible on “Angie”?

First, have a plan and stick to it for as long as possible. We are starting with 100 Pull Ups, so break it ups into manageable sets. You might start with 10, and then, as you start to fatigue, you may need to reduce your reps to 5 per set instead of 10.

The second tip is to manage your rest. The time you are resting can get way out of hand if you aren’t paying attention to it. Whether you watch the clock or just count “5-4-3-2-1” in your head, keep the rest short and sweet

Third, have FUN with it and cheer on your fellow athletes. Just like other athletes cheering you on, cheering them on will help you to stay motivated throughout. Even if it’s just a “you got this” every once in a while, to the people around you will make a difference.

Get in tonight and start your week right with Angie. It’s a GREAT workout and when you push each other to be your best, a lot of FUN!

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