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The Calendar has flipped and 2019 is finally here. Time flies, and when I look back on 2018, I look at all the hard work people have put in and what they have accomplished.  The bonding this Community has done and the way our members treat each other like a family gets more and more impactful each year. It gets very humbling when I think about all the incredible relationships that have been formed from being a part of WildFire CrossFit and it gets me very excited for what’s to come in 2019. 

While often the end of the year is a time when people get off track with their fitness, the WildFire Community really stepped it up a notch. We even finished things off with a little WildFire Bingo and many of you who participated, got some extra training in, made new friends, and maybe even got on the good side of a Coach (we always love snacks by the way😊)

 The WildFire Winter Bingo Winners are…… 

3rd Place goes to our lovable New Yorker, Nicole P.

2nd Place goes to another East Coaster in Jersey Girl, Jessica K.

1st Place goes to Robert H. –  who really went above and beyond and I believe was the only person to fill almost every square, and that’s in addition to taking class. GREAT JOB Robert!

The prizes were $75, $50, & $25 for 1st – 3rd for the athletes to spend at WildFire, any way they wanted. In addition, Robert won $50 in his choice of supplements for having the most overall raffle tickets.

Sure it was fun to play and who doesn’t like to win prizes, however, this contest was about staying consistent during a busy time of year and even kicking it up a notch which is only going to make you better as an athlete. The beauty of this kind of contest is that everyone who participated got something beneficial out of it. 

For many of you, just getting into the gym for class consistently is a huge accomplishment. And we are proud of that. Adding a little extra into your training is a great way to get better faster, and it doesn’t have to take a long time.

Think about it. If you just took another 5-15 minutes, just 2 x a week of concentrated effort, how much further would you be in getting your first muscle up or double under, lifting more weight, or being able to row faster.

Now, if you are thinking, “that sounds great, where do I start?” Set up a time with a Coach to talk about your goals, and they will help you set up a game plan.

Thank You to everyone who participated in the Bingo competition. We will continue to bring you more fun to keep you going throughout the year, and that includes events like the Level 2 Test coming up Saturday, January 19th.

In fact, these workouts and exercises are a great way to get started if you are looking for some additional training. The Level 2 Test Consists of 3 Parts.


Part 1: Endurance & Gymnastics
1 Mile Run
25 Handstand Push Ups
15 Ring Dips
In under 20/24 minutes

Part 2: Strength
10x Deadlifts (1 ½BW/BW)

5x Cleans (BW / ¾BW)         

3x OH Squats ( ¾BW/ ½BW) 

Part 3: WOD


1000M Row

50x Thrusters  (45 / 45)

30x Pull Ups

For Time

9:00 / 11:00

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