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In his CrossFit Journal article: CrossFit’s New Three-Dimensional Definition of Fitness and Health, Coach Greg Glassman, who is also the founder of CrossFit, explains, “Health can now be concisely and precisely defined as increased work capacity across broad time, modal, and age domains”.

In other words, CrossFit gives us the ability to measure our progress repeatedly through benchmark workouts and lifts to determine our level of fitness. The more areas we test in, the better we can determine an athlete’s level of fitness.

CrossFit’s prescription for increasing that level of fitness is “constantly varied functional movement”. At WildFire, we do a lot of different exercises in all kinds of different time domains and characteristic to create athletes who are well-rounded.

We are proud of our programming, and even prouder with how many compliments we get on it. Coaches Damian and Tiffany do an incredible job. In fact, here is a screenshot of WildFire’s overall balance of “broad times and modal domains”.

The main thing I want to point out is that every spot is green. That means we have hit on every different style of scheme, repetitions, duration, load, and modality in the last week. After 2 weeks it goes to yellow and longer than that it goes to red. Every once in a blue moon we may see a yellow, Tiff and Damian do a great job of keeping us green or well-balanced.

Modal domains refers to gymnastics, weightlifting, endurance, or some combination of the 3 which are identified as, “MG, MW, GW, and MGW”. The “M” stands for monostructural which are exercises such as running, rowing, biking, jumping rope, etc. Mostly endurance exercises.

You may also notice in this screenshot that there are some imbalances. Singlet, like we are doing today, make up 9% of the schemes we do compared to 28% Couplets, 32% Triplets, and 32% Chippers (a workout with 4 or more exercises).

We don’t do a lot of singlets because there just aren’t as many singlet benchmarks and many of them aren’t necessarily as exciting as workouts with multiple exercises. They are also great and often the purest examples of a person’s fitness. Doesn’t mean we should start doing them every day, it just means that it’s important to add them into the mix.  

That’s why workouts like today are important and a great way to test your level of fitness. “G.I. Jane is 100 burpee pull ups for time and yes, it is a benchmark workout with almost 12,000 recorded scores. That means, it’s a great workout to be able to see where you stand with the CrossFit Community as a whole.

I’ll be honest, I love this workout and am looking forward to it. Just like in any other scheme of workout, there are different strategies to attacking it and you have to decide which works best for you. One would be to just find a pace and stick to it the entire time. Another would be break it up into specific sets, or to do a certain amount every minute on the minute, ensuring you have some rest built into each minute.

This is the type of workout where you really get to know your fitness and the best way you perform. And remember, as Coach Tiffany says, “you have to have a plan A, a Plan B, and a Plan F, and you know what the “F” stands for”.

The other cool thing about this workout that, in a lot of ways is a couplet disguised as a singlet, is being as efficient as possible to get the best result possible while meeting your prescribed criteria. I’m talking about doing a controlled fall and worming your way up from the burpee instead of a strict push up. And remember, you can jump into your pull up as long as you start with the bar below your hands.

On a side note, an article by Linda Carroll on Today.com explains how a person's ability to get off the ground is a good way to predict how long they will live. There is no better exercise for practicing getting up off the ground than the burpee. Just Saying....

The last tip that I will give you on a workout like this, especially if it may not be your favorite, is to keep it positive and make it about the challenge and making yourself the best possible athlete you can be. While the often cursed, burpee, may not be a fan favorite, it’s probably the best overall bodyweight exercise we do for creating a well-rounded athlete. Go into it with a positive attitude and you will get a positive result. Guaranteed.

Have fun with this one! Oh, and, it’s Deadlift day, and we are starting a new strength cycle after recently doing a 1 Rep Max. So, get into WildFire CrossFit for Deadlifts and “G.I. Jane” and be the best athlete you can be!

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