Gymnastics Tonight - New Strength Work

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Today in Gymnastics we have some new exercises and some rarely performed, and much needed, exercises for you.

During the strength, we are going to be doing Curls. Just like Big Mike used to say, “Curls for the girls”. Now, these aren’t the same, non-functional curl you are used to seeing. You know the ones, where some no-neck meathead who can’t even raise their arms above their head unless it’s to flex does while staring at themselves in the gym mirror. No-no-no.

Today we are doing Pummel Curls. An exercise we used to do in wrestling strength training that works the entire arm, shoulder, and even upper back.

Then, during the workout, we are going to be doing weighted hip thrusts. One of the main pieces people miss on both the bar and ring muscle ups is popping the hips towards the bar or rings. The hip thrusts will help develop those muscles and create the muscle memory that will transfer to the Muscle Up.  

And...if you still feel like you need that core burn to call this class "gymnastics", you got it!

We will have a post workout core grinder ready and waiting!

Gymnastics – Thursday, September 27th, 2018

Warm Up: 4 Rounds of
10 Ring Rows
5 Deck Squats
10 3-sec Hollow Holds
5 Plyo Push Ups

Strength: 20s On 40s Off
Alternate Between:
Pummel Curls & Knees to Chest (from Rings, Bar, or Parallettes)

10 Weighted Hip Thrusts
5 Bent over Rows/Chest to Bar Pull Ups
10 Weighted Lemon Squeezers
5 Handstand Push Ups

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