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BY: David Folmer

So last week I started a new supplement. It is not a performance-enhancing drug, or even any sort of stimulant, but rather it is a “super greens” mixture that add to a protein shake or whatever, that it is supposed deliver a full days’ worth of fruits and vegetable servings in a single scoop. Awesome right? I mean, it has no eggs, no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no corn, and it is vegan/paleo compatible, how could it be any better??! Well, for starters, it could do without the gag reflex trigger. In short, it may be the grossest thing I have ever consumed. Especially after trying to swallow it after throwing it up a little bit… *gag noise. 

However, I bought a 50 serving container of this junk, so onwards I went, consuming a scoop a day for the past two weeks. But, you know what, just by continuing to use it based on blind faith and hope I didn’t just waste my money (again), I have started to notice some subtle changes in my sleep quality, which has made me more alert and fresher in workouts, and the combination of some additional body work with this sustained quality fuel, I have been able to recover faster. As a result, because I can objectively see results, I look forward to consuming the green mixture because I know I am doing something good for my health and my workouts. Which got me thinking… 

A while back I read a book called “Who moved my cheese” by Dr. Spencer Johnson. It is a rather cheesy tale (pun intended) about two mice and two humans the size of mice (Kevin Hart?) that lived in and ran through a maze everyday to find their daily cheese. One day on their search, they found a huge stockpile of cheese and the humans determined the stockpile of cheese was sufficient to sustain them for life. So, they stopped searching for cheese and instead, would return everyday to the same location in the maze. Inevitably, “someone” took all the cheese. Now, before I recite the entire book, the point is that in the story, it was not until the humans started visualizing positive success, accepting their circumstances, and putting aside their fear, arrogance, entitlement, and anger, did they finally engage in searching for more cheese and eventually find success. In the story, as part of his learning curve, the little human wrote on the walls to help him find his way and mark where he had been with phrases like “if we don’t change, we may become extinct,” “when you stop being afraid, you feel good,” and perhaps the most powerful, “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?” 

Now, going back to my “super greens,” I am not sure I continued to take the supplement because I let go of fear, arrogance, or entitlement, but I definitely only made to the point where I was motivated by results after passing through “storming” phase purely based on a faith and hope.  However, now that I made it through that phase, and I can see the tangible results that I wouldn’t have enjoyed otherwise, now I am in the “norming” phase and the greens have become a standard ingredient in my post-workout shake. (Aren’t you glad you now know this information??) 

Well, looking at this experience, I think it is a pretty solid example of keeping faith and committing to the process. (Truth be told, I am not always able to do this, just ask Suzette when she tried to bring cauliflower rice into our lives as a replacement for potatoes or actual rice) Nonetheless, I hope I soon have a story like this for some physical adaptations, e.g., handstand walking, but I definitely remember vividly my torn up hands and missed reps for when I could not hit a single toes to bar. Yet, that was definitely another example of what I felt was continuing on blind faith until it works, seeing some success, then continuing the fight towards mastery, which is still very far away. In Greg Glassman terms, Mr. Founder of crossfit himself, this would be “moving through first, second, and third wave adaptation.” In David’s terms, this means getting through the “WTF did I just try” stage, getting to the “okay, maybe this isn’t so awful” stage, and then to the “I’m an MF-ing baller” stage. The trouble is, it is easy to get discouraged in the “WTF” stage, and miss out on the walking-on-clouds feeling of making it to the “MF-ing baller” stage, but that is the point of being okay, engaging in our search for more cheese.  

If you have a recent example of finding new cheese, let me know! If you are still searching, keep the faith, those PRs will be here soon enough.

AND, since I wrote this article, I got a chance to taste the Super Greens called “Rebalance” by FNX, and it actually tastes really good, just another example of how keeping the faith paid off!



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