Gymnastics Tonight = Core Burner...and a whole lot more!

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According to Merrium-Webster, Gymnastics are “physical exercises designed to develop strength and coordination”.

Now, think about that definition in terms of everything we do at WildFire CrossFit. From the Olympic Lifts like the Clean & Jerk and Snatch to Endurance activities such as rowing or jump rope, all of these require “strength and coordination”.

Sure, it’s awesome when you get your first kipping pull up, muscle up, or handstand push up. The fact is that these are ancillary benefits of the work we do in Gymnastics Class.

After talking with Austin last week, he explained that his main reason for coming to this class is to build core strength, so he can lift more weight. With that in mind, you can bet there is going to be a large core component in pretty much every gymnastics class we do.

With that said, we are also going to be working on exercises that will help with your balance and agility, again, beneficial to pretty much everything we do.

Tonight, we have a lot of good stuff that is going to help tie together your balance, power, and core strength.

Tabata Work
20s Work 10s Rest x 3 Rounds: Each round the exercise will progressively get more challenging
30 Sec Between each exercise - 1 min rest after each round. We’ll go through these 2 Times, work on some skill work, then go another 2 times before the WOD.

1- Tuck Hold 2- Tuck Hold (arms OH) 3- Tuck Hold (beat arms)

Ball Slams – Side Toss (R) – Side Toss (L)

GHD Sit Ups – GHD w/ Med Ball – GHD w/ Med Ball Toss

Kip Swings – Straight Arm Kip – Straight Arm Kip Release

Weighted Sit Ups

Pike Up Downs – Straddle Pike Up Downs

Skill Work:
Handstand Work w/ Paralettes
Ring/Paralette Pass Throughs

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