Building Strength and Range of Motion at WildFire CrossFit

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One of the things that makes what we do at WildFire CrossFit so much FUN is that we have so many options to choose from. From the different exercises we do to the rep schemes and time domains, there is always something different to challenge our athletes and help them get better in all areas of fitness.

The 3 Pillars of CrossFit are Endurance, Weightlifting, and Gymnastics, and that covers a LOT of ground. Dave Castro even included a body drag in the CrossFit Games which begins tomorrow in Madison, WI. A great weightlifting exercise for the athlete who is doing the dragging, and gymnastics for the one being dragged, and depending on how long it is, a great endurance exercise too!

Some of the exercises, like the Olympic lifts, Clean & Jerk and Snatch, are going to be seen in events and competitions. Others are designed as more auxiliary exercises, designed to strengthen, stabilize, and in many cases, mobilize areas of the body to help us get better at things like Olympic Lifting.

Today is a great example of that with the “Behind the Neck Push Press & Push Jerk”. While we might not see them specifically in a competition and doing them For Time might not be the best idea, they are really great for helping athletes overcome weaker areas.

One of the things that makes the Snatch and the Overhead Squat so challenging is the upper body strength and/or mobility. Because of the time we spend in a sitting position, often bent over a computer keyboard, it is very common to see a lack of mobility in the areas known as the Thoracic and Cervical Spine. This area extends from the mid back through the neck and if you have ever noticed a lack of mobility in your Overhead Squat position, often, it’s because of the tension in this area of the body.

So, as you get ready for the Strength portion of the workout today, take a few minutes to roll this area out. As you get on the foam roller, start by rolling out and warming up the entire back. Then, spend a few minutes concentrating on the mid and upper back from under your shoulder blades to the top of your neck. Let your arms hang over your head and your butt drop to really open this area up and have greater mobility when performing these strength exercises.

Even MORE IMPORTANT, take a few minutes after class to roll this area out in the same way and do it again tomorrow to keep from getting overly sore. The extra mobility will really help you feel better, last longer, and will improve your range of motion in everything we do.

These are great exercises and mobility tips to help you be better and healthier and get the best results possible. When you think about how they work and the impact they can have, it goes beyond just the Olympic Lifts. Any of the gymnastics exercises, including handstand pushups and anything we do from the bar or rings (pull ups, toes to bar muscle ups, etc.) will be greatly improved with more strength and greater range of motion in this area.

Once the strength is completed, we have a nice little Tabata Tuesday to continue your week on the right course. It’s going to be a great day, so get into WildFire CrossFit and have some fun!

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