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Back in the day, when we started CrossFit, things were a lot simpler. Not much has changed in terms of the workouts we do or the equipment we use. The difference is in the tools we have at our disposal as athletes.

Rogue was just barely getting started, and the main source of information about CrossFit came from The CrossFit Journal which was available on Crossfit.com. Instead of apps for tracking our workouts, we used Journals made of actual paper to record our daily scores and keep track of benchmark workout.

Today, there are many different companies that sell everything from personal items such knee sleeves and jump ropes to gym equipment such as barbells and squat racks. There are tons of different sources of information about CrossFit and fitness, and we now have access to Online Whiteboards that track our numbers and even give feedback based on the scores we submit.

At WildFire CrossFit, we use Beyond the Whiteboard for tracking our numbers. While it was barely getting started in 2008, when we got started, it was nowhere near the system it is today. In fact, it was almost more time consuming to use because each workout had to be entered in separately by the user.

Currently, less than half of our members are using Beyond the Whiteboard on a regular basis, something we would like to change. One of the main things that makes CrossFit what it is today is that the results are measurable.

Sure, it’s a great feeling when you can tell you are getting stronger by lifting more weight or getting faster in a workout. Being able to actually track and measure your progress will feel a whole lot better and you will get much better results too.

Why it is important to use Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB)…

First off, its FREE! We have access to another Online Whiteboard through Zen Planner. We chose to make Beyond the Whiteboard available to all our members because it is the best score tracking app available with over 6 million workouts to choose from and several tools to analyze and give feedback on your results. This January, it also became the official Whiteboard of CrossFit HQ, and they don’t put their name on stuff like that often.

It makes working out way more efficient. How many times have you seen percentage-based lifts, like we are doing today, and you had to rack your brain to remember what you did the last time we did a Shoulder Press 1 Rep Max? With Beyond the Whiteboard, your last 1 Rep Max entry will show up so it is a simple calculation to figure out what weight you should start with.

Then, think about the Benchmark workouts, such as Fran, Annie, or even the Baseline. When you have a time to beat, you are going to get much better results. You can go a little faster and push harder knowing your previous scores.

Plus, BTWB has created a lot of tools to make tracking and submitting your scores a lot more fun. Athletes can comment on your scores, and you can even post emojis or give fist bumps to other athletes based on their results on the leaderboard.

Now, if you want to keep it personal, you always have that option. The point is that there is no reason every WildFire Athlete should not be using Beyond the Whiteboard every time they work out in the gym.

In addition to all the tracking, when you are away from the gym, you can program your own workouts based on the equipment you have available. For example, let’s say you are staying at a hotel and they have dumbbells and a bike. You can enter in those parameters and it will produce every workout with those exercises in it to choose from. Maybe you only have time for a 15 min workout. You can enter that too and it will exclude any workouts longer than 15 minutes to choose from.

The bottom line is that if you are not currently using Beyond the Whiteboard, or you only use it to track your lifts, you may not be getting the best results possible. Please take advantage of it and use it every day you train at WildFire. You will be amazed at the difference, and as Coaches, we can help you get results a lot better when we can see where you are right now.

If you have not yet set up your free Beyond the Whiteboard account, CLICK HERE, select WildFire CrossFit as your gym and use gym code: WILD421 to complete your set up. If you have any questions about how to use it, ask a Coach or another member.

Have FUN with it and happy WODding!



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