The Open is always upon us - Train accordingly

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The Open is Always Upon Us - Train Accordingly

The CrossFit Games Open, and the months or so leading up to it, is my favorite time of year. There is a nervous excitement in the air as previous Open athletes are explaining how much FUN the upcoming 5-week competition is going to be.

Athletes are training harder and longer to build Strength, practice their Skills, and eliminate their weaknesses.

Every weekend, the gym is hopping as the WildFire Community comes together to showcase their fitness and cheer each other on as they take on whatever CrossFit HQ throws at us.

And then, the Open is over, and for most of our athletes, all that extra work on Strength and Skills stops.

Sure, we keep going to class and keep progressing our fitness forward through our every day programming. Just because you reached your goal of a few Muscle Ups, Pull Ups, or a certain weight in an exercise, doesn’t mean you should stop doing them. And when they don’t get programmed every day, or you miss the day they are programmed all that progress you made goes away.

Before I go on, it’s important to mention, there are several athletes who HAVE continued to train their weakness consistently since the Open has finished and we are proud of that extra effort.

Something I have said a thousand times is: Class is important as it is the base for your fitness and where you are going to get the Community & Coaching to challenge you to be better. Athletes with goals have got to find the discipline to do the extra work to train your weakness and reach those goals.

Take Muscle Ups for example, just because they are programmed today. We had so many athletes get their first Muscle Ups in a workout during the Open because they practiced them in the weeks leading up to it and did the skill work necessary to get them down when the time came.

Now, I get it. Time is always a factor and we never have enough of it. I’m not talking about taking an extra hour or having to sacrifice coming to class and having fun with the rest of the Community. You can accomplish a lot in 5-15 minutes before or after class. You can do a lot with an extra 5 minutes, 2-3 days a week.

Now the question becomes, what do I do in that 5-15 minutes to effectively learn new skills or gain strength? That’s where our Coaches come in. We are proud to have an incredible Coaching Team who can help diagnose what is needed to be proficient and program specific skill work, so you can start performing these exercises efficiently in workouts like “Amanda”.

Start with the basics and use your time efficiently. If your goal is to get Ring Muscle Ups, sure, you could spend 5 minutes flailing around on the rings, missing more often than you hit and possibly even getting injured. Or, you can start with False Grip Ring Rows, then work the transition of getting your head through the window, and finish with moving through the top portion of the Dip.

Remember, when you are missing a movement more often than you get it, that is also building Muscle Memory, just not the memory we want. Even if you have your Muscle Ups, working the skill work is only going to help you get better, faster, and string more together.

Seriously, 3 sets of 5 of everything I just mentioned will take less than 10 minutes if you are focused.

Always remember that we are here to help. It’s easy to think that in order to get that extra training and support, you have to go to an outside source or video. We want to help you be your very best and learn the exercises necessary to reach your goals and have a lot of fun doing it.

With this message you have two choices: you can beat yourself up, or you can set a goal and get to work. Just know that regret is never going to move you forward.

So grab a Coach, ask Tiff or I, and let’s make sure when the Open comes up next year, it’s business as usual and you are getting your best results ever!



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