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At WildFire CrossFit, we believe in Coaching good form and technique in every exercise we program. During class, we use the triage method while circling the gym. First, our goal is to make sure everyone is moving safely, then, we work on increasing each athlete’s efficiency.

As we have evolved as a fitness community, our athletes do a great job of working together to help each other move through exercises safely, and that gives us the ability to work on increasing the efficiency.

This brings me to the point of this article, and that’s talking about Right vs More Right.

Take the squat for example. Any athlete who has gone through the Baseline workout has been coached to keep their feet shoulder width apart, and with their heels flat, push their hips back and down until the hip crease passes below their knee, all while keeping their chest up.

Now, what if an athlete can get their hip crease below parallel while keeping their chest up and their heels flat with their feet close together instead of shoulder width apart, should they?

This is a tricky part of coaching, because on one hand, we want to praise the athlete for getting below parallel and keeping their chest up. As far as the points of performance are concerned, they meet the criteria we are looking for to call the rep good.

Our job as Coaches, is to make the rep GREAT. That’s why as Coaches, we will praise the above athlete for performing a good rep in the Air Squat, and then continue to coach them to make the rep GREAT.

Part of that Coaching would be to explain that in CrossFit we do a lot of different types of squats, and most of them are using weight. Squatting with a wider stance, even in the air squat, is going to help create muscle memory that will carry over into every other type of squat we do.

A wider stance while squatting will help engage other muscles, such as the glutes, which in turn, will help create more power and strength in all their lifts. In addition, a wider stance will help reduce stress on the knees and increase mobility in the ankles.

This example can be carried over to countless other exercises. Take Kipping Pull Ups. A couple weeks ago, Coach Erin, who Coaches the Gymnastics Class at WildFire CrossFit in addition to others, was Coaching an athlete to tighten up their Kip. Sure, they were getting their chin over the bar, moving at a good speed, and stringing their pull ups together. That’ doesn’t mean there’s not room for improvement.  

And that’s the point. C.A.N.I. - Constant and Never-ending Improvement.

So, the next time a Coach tells you to widen your stance, tighten your swing, or get your hands wider on the bar, it’s not that you aren't doing a good job, it’s that we are here to make you better!

Stay tuned for more Seminars and Clinics at WildFire CrossFit where we break down and Coach specific exercises to help make you the best athlete you can be!


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