Olympic Lifting 101 - Complete Weekend Schedule

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It’s going to be a GREAT weekend at WildFire CrossFit!!

Olympic Lifting 101 – Saturday, April 21st at 11:15am

In addition to our normal Saturday schedule, we also have the Olympic Lifting 101 workshop at 11:15am. This workshop is designed to teach you the proper form and technique of the competition lifts, the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch.

This is a great opportunity to learn goof habits from the beginning which will also help you get stronger, faster.

Plus, if you are new to Olympic Lifting, this workshop is a pre-requisite to attend the Olympic Lifting Class on Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturday at 11:15am. We do this so that our Coaches can help you focus on building strength and cleaning up technique, not learning the lifts from the beginning.

The Olympic Lifting 101 Workshop is free to all members, so come on in at 11:15am and get your lift on!

The Remaining Schedule and Programming…

6:30am – CrossFit Endurance – We have a GREAT Prep for “Murph” which is Monday, May 28th

WOD: 5 Rounds For Time Of
400M Run
5 Rounds Of Cindy

1 Rounds Of Cindy = 5 Pull Ups - 10 Push Ups - 15 Air Squats

8am – CrossFit Kids – Teaching the future that fitness is FUN!

9am – CrossFit Friends & Family – This class is always open to the public, so feel free to invite your friends & family.

10am – THROWDOWN – You can expect to see some of the Regionals Qualifier workouts today. It’s gonna be GOOD!

11:15am – Olympic Lifting – It’s a GREAT day for a PR with a 1 Rep Max Snatch!

Then, on Sunday…

9:30am – CrossFit – The Sunday workout is typically a little longer and often we do a Hero workout which is dedicated to a fallen member of the military, fire, or police departments for their sacrifice.

10:30am – Mobility & Recovery – A great opportunity to wind down from a hard week of training, get ready for a great week ahead, and learn new tips and technique to keep your body moving and healthy as you gain muscle and build strength.

Open Gym until 12:30pm – Was there a workout you missed from the week, something you saw online, strength work you want to get in or even some work on your gymnastics skills. Open Gym is you chance to do all that and more!


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