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Well, 18.1 started with a bang! What a GREAT turnout on Saturday!!

We had such a blast putting it on and every athlete who participated did awesome!


For some it was your very first Open, for others, you have done it since the Open started. Each of you should be proud of your performance because I know we are.


The teamwork and comradery was such an incredible sight to see. Even though you were all wearing Red, Purple, Green, or Blue, you all cheered each other on and helped ech other get through that workout.


This is just the first week and we have plenty more action and excitement to come!


Stay tuned for more details and updates as the week goes on.


If you are registered through CrossFit HQ, be sure to submit your score as soon as possible so we can get it validated.


Today at WildFire:


We have 1 Rep Max Cleans for strength and heavy Power Cleans in the workout. Today is a great day to go Heavy! Work good form and technique on every rep.


After a warm up, you will have 7 minutes to find your 1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk. This is something that has been done in the Open as a part B in a WOD.


On the Strength, be sure to rest between reps. Get some good sets in before you get to your max, just not so many you wear yourself out.


Sitting between reps is a great way to reduce fatigue and get oxygen back into your blood so you are ready when the next set come up.


For the WOD:


Go FAST! We have double unders, push ups, and descending heavy power cleans.


The speed trap will probably be on the push ups. Just be sure to make every rep count and lock it out at the top. They have been in the Open before. You never know when we might see them again. Plus, they are building the same muscles needed for muscle ups.


Have FUN Today and get ready for another AWESOME week at WildFire CrossFit!



Monday, February 26th 2018


Warm Up:

200m Run

10 side squats

10 Plank Shoulder taps


Jump Rope Drills


Strength: 7min to find your 1RM Clean


WOD: For time:

50 Double Unders

25 Hand Release Push-Ups

10 Power Cleans, 185/125 lbs

50 Double Unders

25 Hand Release Push-Ups

8 Power Cleans, 185/125 lbs

50 Double Unders

25 Hand Release Push-Ups

6 Power Cleans, 185/125 lbs

50 Double Unders

25 Hand Release Push-Ups

4 Power Cleans, 185/125 lbs

50 Double Unders

25 Hand Release Push-Ups

2 Power Cleans, 185/125 lbs


Tuesday, February 27th 2018

Warm Up:

Shuttle Run

10 OH Squats

Shuttle Run

10 Good Mornings

Shuttle Run

10 Straight Legged Sit Ups


Strength: Snatch Grip Deadlift



3 rounds for time of:

10 Hang Snatches, 75/55 lbs

Run, 100 m

10 Overhead Squats, 75/55 lbs

Run, 100 m


Wednesday, February 28th 2018


Warm Up: 500 m Row


Core work:

30 sec Hollow Hold

30 sec Push Up Position Plank hold

15 Lemon squeezers

10 Hollow legs up and down

3 rounds for quality

Gymnastics Warm Up Tri-pod hold, frog stand, handstand hold


1 Round Max Effort Handstand Push Ups

1 Round Max Effort Pull Ups

Scaled: Max effort strict press with dumbbells

Max effort ring rows



Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:

5 Handstand Push Ups

10 One legged squats, alternating

15 Pull-ups


Thursday, March 1st 2018

Warm Up:

1 min Air Bike

1 min row

1 min 5 push ups, 5 squats, 5 sit ups

1 min Stretch/Rest


Strength: Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5


WOD: Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 mins of:

15 Calories, Air Bikes

10 Dumbbell Push Press, 50/35 lbs


Friday, March 2nd 2018

Warm Up:

10 Lunges

10 low box jumps

5 Down Dog/up dog

2 rounds


Strength: Every 1 min for 12 mins: Split Jerk

3 Split Jerks, 70% 1RM


5 rounds, 3 mins each of:

10 Front Squats, 185/125 lbs

10 Box Jumps, 36/30 in

Row for max calories

Rest 3 min between rounds

Need: 30min for this If more than 7 ppl in class do 2 heats, partner up while one goes the other rests.

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