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Strength, Power, Speed Under the Bar….Awww YEAH….It’s Split Jerk Today!!

Now, Before you get all giggly about going for a new 1 Rep Max, there are some parameters today to tighten things up.


Often on 1 Rep Max day, we see athletes attempt the same weight over and over again, and after the 5th or 6th time, we finally hit it.

Today, you only get 2 attempts at a weight before you are required to go down. Then, you will have 2 attempts at that weight3 before you can go down 1 last time, and at the final weight, you get 1 shot!


YEAH Split Jerk!!


Thursday, February 1st 2018


Warm Up: 200m Run

100m alternating arm light weight waiters walk,

Lunge hold right with 5 strict presses (DB or KB or Bar)

Lunge hold Left with 5 strict presses (DB or KB or Bar)
10 wall ohs squat, - hands in ohs position

5 ring muscle up transitions (ring row to catch position)

2 rounds


Strength: Split Jerk



WOD: CrossFit Games Open 11.4  10 min AMREP

60 bar facing burpees

30 Overhead Squats 120/90

10 Muscle Ups

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