Wear or bring your long socks today…we are doing Rope Climbs!!

We wear long socks when doing Rope Climbs because otherwise, we get rope burn.

There’s rarely a day that we do rope climbs that we have someone who thinks “it’s won’t be that bad, I’m tough, I don’t need no stinking socks!” And then you see them the next day with a big, painful scab on their shin that inevitably gets infected, takes forever to heal, and leaves a scar.

NO Fun ☹

Don’t be that person!! Wear or bring your long socks and save yourself a lot of misery later!

For the Workout today, this is a “Fight Gone Bad” Style workout. Meaning, we are doing 1-minute stations, going from 1 exercise to another, with no rest until after all 6 exercises are complete.

This is a GO-GO-GO type of a workout. You are already going to lose a few seconds at each exercise for the transition (switch), so you have to use the time you have to get work done.

Go hard, and go FAST! This is a great workout that will be a lot of fun so do your best and keep moving!


Friday, January 5th 2018

Warm Up:  Run/Bike/Row/Jump Rope

Team people up in groups of 4

1 person runs 200m while the others are at each of the other stations
when the runner gets back everyone rotates. Do this 2x

Skill: Rope Climbs 3-5 Reps

1-minute stations x 3 Rounds

Cal Row
Ball Slam
Cal Bike
Rope Climb
Sandbag Shuttle Run
Ab Roll Out

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