Why do we do 1 Rep Max?

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So, we are doing a 1 Rep Max Deadlift today at WildFire.

For some athletes, it’s their reason for existing in the gym…to be able to lift heavy weight.

For others, they don’t care if they ever lift heavy and might even stay away on a 1 rep max day.

Is there really a value in lifting heavy weight?

The answer is YES!

Believe it or not, the 1 Rep Max goes way beyond just the challenge of getting a new PR & being able to ring the bell.

Sure, we love to hear that bell ring, and there are some physical benefits besides what it does for our confidence at lifting weight.

When we lift heavy, the spinal cord releases Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (or HGH).

These Hormones help the central nervous system stimulate muscle growth.

Compound exercises (exercises that work several muscle groups at the same time) such as the Deadlift, Strict & Bench Press, and Back & Front Squats are especially effective releasing these hormones.

When you think about it, it’s really an awesome cycle….

Strength train in sets, emoms, and workouts > builds strength > which helps increase your 1 rep max, which builds even more strength…

and the cycle of weightlifting goes on and on.

Now, there are definitely a few tips for going for a 1 rep max

~Form is crucial. You must have good form and range of motion before attempting a 1 Rep Max. Otherwise, you will probably gain more benefit by staying lighter, and working on form to get better so you can lift heavy.

~Rest between sets. During normal strength sets you should rest for 2-3 minutes. When going for a 1 rep max, you should rest 3-4 minutes. Even though your muscles may feel recovered, you need that time to get oxygen back to your brain, so everything fires correctly.

~You can’t get a true 1 Rep Max anything without failing at least once. “Heavy Enough” is not a 1 Rep Max. How do you know if you can’t lift a weight until you go for it? When your form begins to break down, it is smart to back off the weight and re-focus on form.

So, GO HEAVY today! Ring that Bell Loud and Proud with a 1 Rep Max Deadlift.

Then, strap in for a CrossFit Classic in “Annie”.

This is a Go-Go-Go type of workout. Just be sure to breath, relax, and focus on stringing your double unders together.

Break them up into specific and manageable sets. If you have never done 50 double unders in a row, I wouldn’t start with “Annie”. You will go faster with less misses and you will probably be a lot less frustrated too.

Break it up into sets of 10 or even 5 reps if you must. Your overall time will be faster with organized and efficient rest. Just be sure to power through on those sit ups.


So HAPPY FRIDAY and Have a BLAST today at WildFire CrossFit!!


Friday, December 29th, 2017

Warm Up:

10 Kettle Bell Swings
10 Straight Legged Sit Ups
10 Push Ups

With an empty barbell:
5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Straight Legged Deadlifts
5 Front Squats

2x for the whole thing including the kettle bell swings/sit ups and push ups


Strength: 1 rep max Deadlift


WOD: “Annie”


Double Unders
Sit Ups

**NO Rx+ just go faster!


Snatch Cycling

This is not an easy one to put into Beyond the Whiteboard without creating 3 separate workouts. 

Here’s how it goes. Whatever weight you begin with (Rx or otherwise) this workout is designed to go up twice, and then back down twice.

The time you will be working will also go from :20 sec, to :40 sec, to 1 min, and then back down to :40 sec, and then :20 sec. 

The goal is to get as many reps as possible in each time period at the prescribed weight. 

I have included the percentage of 1RM for scaling purposes.  


R1 - :20 sec Sntach > :40 sec Rest  at 95/65 (65% of 1 RM) 

R2 - :40 sec Snatch > :1:20 Rest at 135/95 (75% of 1 RM) 

R3 - 1 Min Snatch > 1:20 Rest at 155/115 (85% of 1 RM) 

R4 - :40 sec Snatch > :40 sec Rest at 135/95 (75% of 1 RM) 

R5 - :20 Sec Snatch at 95/65  (65% of 1 RM)

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