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The 12-Days of Christmas – Bodyweight Style

Have some FUN this Holiday with the 12-Days of Christmas – Bodyweight Style, from your friends at WildFire CrossFit.

Pick the version that is right for you and 3-2-1-GO!

If you did either of our versions in the gym yesterday, this will be a great, body weight, workout to get moving and get that blood flowing so you feel your BEST on Christmas!!

12 Days of Christmas - Bodyweight Style

1 Plank Balance
2 Sit Ups
3 Push Ups
4 Squats
5 Mountain Climbers
6 Jumping Jacks
7 Lunges
8 Russian Twist
9 V-Ups
10 Burpees
11 Flutter Kicks
12 Superman

**The Reps correspond to the Days of Christmas. You will do 1 Lemon Squeezer, then 2 Push Ups, 3 Sit ups…..you get the point

There are 3 ways you can go through this workout.

Rx - Just like the song, you will begin with the 1st Day.
Then, do the 2
nd day and Repeat the 1st day.
Then, do the 3
rd day and Repeat the 2nd day and the 1st day….you get the point.


Scale - Set a 10-min, 15-min, or 20-min clock and do As Many Rounds As Possible.
Go in order from 1-12, completing the reps that correspond to the day.


Scale #2 - Do 2 Rounds For Time where you Stat at 1 and continue in order, then repeat.


So grab your Family & Friends, move the coffee table over or head out the yard or a nearby park,
and HAVE SOME FUN with the 12 Days of Christmas!!

Video explanation fo workout, exercises, and modifications: 

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