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Does it feel to anyone else like everyone is just holding their breath? Waiting to find out what happens, when it’s going to happen, and how our lives are going to be affected. The good news is, we have some normalcy for you, and while yes, it sucks that we can’t see you in the gym, we plan to make sure you get the programming, coaching, and community you need to continue to progress as an athlete and be the best you can be!


The Virtual Coaching Platform we have been working on works and works REALLY well! Yes, there are still things we are working on to improve and make better, and No, it is never going to take the place of coming into the gym! And since right now, we can’t go to the gym, this is a great opportunity to continue to be able to help people!!

A couple of other resources that are going to help you get the most out of your training:

“Tabata Timer”: This is an App on Play Store & IStore that will give you every timing variation and then some. It is a free App, however, I paid $7.99 for the lifetime subscription instead of $5.49 for the yearly or $99 for the monthly.


“Map My Run by Under Armor”: This is not only a GREAT app for figuring out distances like the 200m, 400m, 800m or 1 mile tracks available around your house, it is an awesome tool for running and even interval training.

“Daft Logic by Google”: This thing is awesome! I wish the screen was a bit bigger for your map, but otherwise AWESOME! You can get a satellite view of your neighborhood and map out different distances. It’s a lot more efficient than running in 5 different directions to make it an easy route. It’s what I use for all our tracks, including both the 5K trail and street runs and distance like 100 & 200 meters. The best part is, it’s totally free! Check it out by CLICKING HERE or copy & paste:


Finally, we are just posting the programming for today, Monday, March 23rd. We just need a minute to get on top of the modifications for each level. Today is a great workout whether you have equipment or not.

We are always going to have a bodyweight option. And trust me, we can crush you with a bodyweight workout! Just look at “Murph”.  And away we GO!

Programming for Monday, March 23rd, 2020!

Warm-up: 6 Min AMRAP

10 Arm Circles

10 Down/Up Dog Stretches

20-sec Plank Hold

20-sec L Side Plank

20-sec R Side Plank

5 Diamond Push-ups

10 Cossack Squats



Use what you got to get that upper body stacked!

OR, the bodyweight version…

7 Sets of Each
Push Ups (Make them HARD!)
Plank Hold

WOD: 10-min AMRAP

1 Handstand or Pike Push-up

1 Bicycle Crunch (R+L=1)

1 Weighted Side Lunge (pick load) (R=1 | L =2)

Add 2 Reps after each round
(1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11…31, 33, 35)



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