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WildFire CrossFit….let’s just say it….things are a bit crazy right now and we are all in this crazy together.

Skip, the entire WildFire team and I are committed to helping you continue your fitness and nutrition journey. That is what you came here for in the first place.  We are also committed to giving you the human connection, friendships, confidence, belief in yourself, stress relief, and so much more that you also got by being a part of WildFire.

Life as we know it has changed.  For WildFire the only thing that has really changed is not WHAT we do it’s HOW we do it.

We have made significant adjustments to make sure we are being as socially responsible while also maintaining a sense of normalcy, continued health and fitness and continued human connection (even if it is from 6ft apart 😊).  Cleaning has been almost as much of a workout as the workout itself and all of those of you who have been in have been doing an excellent job and cleaning before and after and bearing with us when we remind you😊 Everyone has been up for abiding by the guidelines and we appreciate that greatly.

We have an awesome Virtual Class option for anyone that wants to join in on class from home or wherever they are at. We plan to add more class times.  We will be posting the at home workouts daily on our social media and getting them to you via email or text depending on what you prefer. We will also get out a video to demo movements and give you coaching details if you can’t make an official class you will have direction on how to get your workout in. We will be doing some fun Virtual challenges, events, and education.

As of today (Thursday 3-19-20) the Governor of Arizona went ahead and closed gyms.

So what does that mean for you. Tomorrow Friday 3-20-20 we will have a full schedule of classes at the gym (10ppl max per class so reserve your spot). We will also have a full schedule of our virtual classes. All classes tomorrow will be available for access virtually. We will also be offering classes during open gym hours so 7am, 8am, 10:30am, 1pm, 2pm and anywhere in btw so if you want to come in and get your workout on please do so ….and wash your hands first😊

So as of Saturday 3-21-20 WildFire CrossFit will be temporarily changing locations to your house (meaning we will be there Virtually, not that Skip and I are coming over 😊), just know that we have a plan.

So here are the main pieces of the game plan:

  1. We will add more Virtual Classes
  2. We will coordinate with you to do personal training if class times don’t work
  3. We will check out equipment to those that need it to be able to do more from home. **How this will work will be coming in another email/blog.
  4. We will coordinate what we can outdoors if that is still an option.
  5. We will check in with you, coach you, be there for you and help you navigate through this time.

We are committed to doing everything we can to adapt and ensure that WildFire CrossFit is here when this is over.  We are responsible for our staff and supporting them through this as well so know that the WildFire Team, and the WildFire members we consider family and we will sacrifice what we need to on our end to keep supporting them and you as long as possible.

Given the uncertainty of the situation we would be most grateful if you would consider helping us weather this storm financially by continuing your membership uninterrupted. We are going to do our best to provide as much value as we can during this time.

We understand that some of you may be in a similar financial situation.  If this is the case please contact me or Skip directly and we will figure this out together.

You never know what life will throw at you at any time. All we can do is be the best version of ourselves in body, mind and spirit and come together to help each other out. Now more than ever it takes a village! Thank you for being our village and there for each member of WildFire.

If there is something you or your family or someone you know needs, toilet paper, food, support…anything please let me and Skip know and we will do what we can to help or find help.

Exercise was meant to be a part of our lives daily in more ways than just an hour in the gym. What an amazing opportunity for us to find ways to weave exercise throughout our day and make exercise even more of a lifestyle. 

We say that WildFire is the Fitness that Ignites Your Life. The thing that sparks life, energy, and positivity into every part of your life. The energy that spreads like WildFire and makes a positive impact in the world. That is what we are here to do no matter what.

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