What you need to know...Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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Hope everyone had a GREAT St. Patrick’s Day!!

Guys, there’s no doubt about it. It’s a crazy and completely unprecedented time in our history. I’d love to stop talking about it and thinking about it, it’s just not something we can pretend isn’t there.

I can promise you this, whatever we say and do on this page is not going to be a source of misinformation, fear or panic. We are going to be as positive as we can be with every message we give you guys and stick to what we know as fact and specifically what we are doing at WildFire.

In the end, you have got to hold your head up high. This has affected all of us and all we can do is work together and be there for each other. If you have plenty of something someone you know needs, help them out and let them get you back when they get it. If you borrowed something from someone. Be sure to hit them back as soon as you are able, not just when you have a surplus, when you absolutely have what they need.

I’ll be honest, the easiest thing in the world would be for us to close. We have come to realize, more than ever, people need to work out. They need to be able to get away, relax, destress, and just all around, have some f-ing FUN. And THAT’s why we are staying open.

Couple things you need to know. We have stepped up our cleaning big time. We are maintaining as much distance between people as possible, and when you come into the gym, if there is a surface you are touching (benches, equipment, doors, and even anything you touch in the bathroom) please take a minute and wipe it down. I mean, we have all watched that last second bathroom parade 30-sec before the workout starts.

Plus, we are going to ask that you reserve your class ahead of time and we are going to avoid having more than 15 people in the gym at any given time. Please reserve your class on the Push Press app or online ahead of time so we can plan for you and be respectful that if you cannot make it that you un-reserve yourself. That also means, when you get done with your workout, please do your best to get out of there so the next class can get in. In the evenings, where all classes are back to back, we are going to loosen that up by finishing classes in 45 minutes, so members have a chance to clean up after themselves and let the next class come in. If you want to hang out and talk after class (which we love!!!) please head out front. We will be happy to put a few benches out there. As long as you wipe it down afterwards! 😊

Finally, we will be adding more classes to the online program. First thing after the 6am class tomorrow, I will put out more detailed instructions about how to get on. The biggest thing, if you are connecting from an Apple computer, you are probably going to need to use Chrome to get on.

We will give more information as it becomes available.

We love you guys and are here for you!!



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