Level 2 "Orange Band" Fitness Test - Results are in!

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Level 2 "Orange Band" Fitness Test at WildFire CrossFit

Something we learned very shortly after starting WildFire is that we can’t please everyone. For every person who thinks we should work more on cardio, there’s another who thinks we should do more strength work. For everyone who loves doing longer WODs, there’s another who would rather keep them short. That’s why we LOVE weekends at WildFire CrossFit! It’s a time when we have the most variety of classes and workouts. Endurance Class, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Friends & Family, Throwdown, and Olympic Lifting, and that’s just on Saturday morning. On Sunday, we always do a Hero workout or something long during our CrossFit class which is followed by Mobility & Recovery before rounding out the weekend with Open Gym.

This past weekend during Throwdown class, we had the Level 2 “Orange Band” fitness test as well as Leve 3 prep work for those who had already passed Level 2. There were a variety of people who showed up to participate. Some who came specifically to take on the challenge of Level 2 and earn their Orange Band, others who worked on what’s coming next, completing the Level 3 prep, and some who just wanted to get a great workout, challenge themselves, and have some FUN!

It’s fitting that we did Leve 2 at this time because just like Throwdown, it’s separated into 3 parts: Conditioning, Strength, and WOD. While each part presented its own challenges, athletes had to complete all 3 to pass requiring them to be well-rounded.

Part 1: Conditioning

Consisting of a 1 Mile Run, 25 Handstand Pushups, and 15 Ring Dips, Part 1 is more about upholding the standards of each exercise than it is getting a specific time. In fact, there is not a specific time cap, just that athletes complete the exercises in a timely manner. In other words, no long breaks between reps and sets.

Part 2: Strength

10 Deadlifts at 1 ½ Bodyweight for Men and Bodyweight for Women, 5 Cleans at Bodyweight for Men and ¾ Bodyweight for Women, and 3 OH Squats at ¾ Bodyweight for Men and ½ Bodyweight for Women. Again, there weren’t any time caps for this workout, and athletes had the opportunity to go up in weight to warm up each exercise. Once they started the prescribed weight they had to do the required reps with no more than a few seconds between each one.

Part 3: WOD

This is by far the most challenging part of the test where athletes had to complete the benchmark workout “Jackie” consisting of a 1000M Row, 50 Thrusters with a 45 pound barbell for both Men & Women, and 30 Pull Ups in 9min for Men and 11 Min for Women. The only way to pass this portion is to keep a good pace on the row and maintain big sets for the thrusters and the pull ups. One and dumps are not going to get this one done in time. You’ve got to hold on and keep going till you are done!


When it was all said and done, everyone who participated, pass or fail, crushed it, and really did incredible from start to finish. In fact, we had more people pass and receive their Orange Band than any other time we have held this test with 6 new Level 2 athletes!

As with any of the Level Tests or big events we do at WildFire CrossFit, no matter how much we say, “just think of it as just another workout”, people were nervous in the beginning. By the time people completed their mile and got back in the gym and started ripping out reps, the adrenaline took over and everyone settled into their groove and kept it going strong all the way through.

Equally impressive were athletes who knew they had some work to do before being able to complete all the weights and skills required who still challenged themselves to uphold a high standard for each exercise. While they may not have received their Orange Band, after Saturday, they are closer to getting it than they were the day before.

We even had a few people who did the Level 3 prep we had available, with 3 workouts similar in style to Level 2. We will be holding a Level 3 Test sometime in the first quarter of the New Year and will release the specifics in early January. Saturday only gave a taste of some of the weights and exercises that will be required. The actual Level 3 Test is going to be challenging even for the best athletes at WildFire CrossFit.

Congratulations to everyone who participated on Saturday! We are so proud of your hard work and dedication to be your very best. A HUGE shout out and CONGRATS to the 6 newest Level 2 athletes for passing on Saturday and receiving your Orange Band.

Liz S., Tatjana (T), Mike M., Jeff R., Suzette S., Daniel P.

Keep up the GREAT work and keep reaching for new heights, creating new goals, and making incredible things happen as members of the WildFire Community!




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