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Do what YOU can do

Today at WildFire CrossFit, we have a great workout for you that’s also very challenging. This is one of those handful of workouts that you will be extremely proud of yourself for doing, whether you complete all 30 rounds or not.

Just like many of the workouts we do at WildFire, where there’s a will, there will be a way for you to get through it.

5 Goblet Squats
3 Wall Walks
1 Turkish Get up

At first glance, there’s nothing crazy about the exercises themselves except the total number of rounds. It adds up quick though, so the first key to surviving SpookyMan is to settle in, stay positive, and just keep working. Just like any long workout we do, the more you complain, the more it sucks!

It’s good to have options…

The first option is to modify the exercises themselves. The weight of the Goblet Squats and Turkish Get Ups is 35 for guys and 26 for girls. You can go lighter or heavier on one or both to speed things up. For the Wall Walks, there will be options to do a Push Up to Down Dog walk or even 3-sec pushups if necessary. Also, we made a line 18 inches from the wall, so you don’t necessarily have to belly up, just get close.

The next option is to modify the rounds or the time, and I encourage you to decide this BEFORE you begin so you don’t get to the end and change your original plan. While the Rx version is 30 rounds for time, there are a few options to still make this workout challenging and feel more confident about getting through it. You can do this as an AMRAP, completing as many rounds as possible in 35 minutes, do less rounds for time, or even EMOM style, completing each round every 90-sec to 2-min.

The bottom line is that where there’s a will, there is a way. You have the power to make it happen, so MAKE IT HAPPEN, have some fun, and cheer each other on as you go. Like many of the longer and more challenging workouts we do here at WildFire, this workout will be talked about for many days to come and you get to choose to whether you are part of that conversation, no matter how you make it through.

So, get into WildFire CrossFit TODAY for SpookyMan. Your Halloween won’t be complete without it!

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