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As you know, the programming at WildFire CrossFit is based around the CrossFit philosophy of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. While all the Coaches get to give their input at times, Coaches Damian and Tiffany do most of the programming, and quite frankly, they are awesome at it!

Each day we get workouts that are challenging, creative, and while they may not seem it while it is going on, they are a lot of fun! It’s usually the workouts that suck the most while you are doing them that you can be most proud of later. And let’s face it, you get out of it what you put into it and putting more into it is how you evolve as an athlete. I’m not talking about forcing an Rx (or prescribed) weight or movement when you aren’t quite there yet, I’m talking about challenging yourself. Doing your best on any given day, and taking time, even if it’s just a few minutes a week, to train and improve upon your weaknesses.

Yesterday was a great example of that with the Hero workout “Nate”. Honestly, this is a workout that’s only been programmed a couple times at WildFire, and it says a lot about the evolution of the community that so many people did the workout as prescribed. It was awesome to see the 4:30pm class using all the rings and even having to take turns because so many people were using them, and several more who were doing bar muscle ups. A few athletes got their very first muscle ups yesterday, one who even said they looked impossible when they started. As they got further into CrossFit, their confidence grew, and suddenly it didn’t seem impossible anymore. That confidence you gain will give you the ability to evolve as an athlete. Soon, you want to lift more so you can get stronger, practice skills like Muscle Ups and Handstand Pushups, and improve your cardio so you can endure them all.

What a fitting workout to see such incredible results on, people cheering each other on, and talking about it afterward too. As many of you know, Hero workouts like “Nate” are named after fallen members of the military and first responders who sacrificed their lives protecting their country and communities. Coach Mo said it best at the beginning of class yesterday, that we get to honor those who have sacrificed their lives with our hard work and perseverance. Well, Honor you did, it was really fun to watch, and whether you did this WOD as prescribed or modified, you should be proud of your hard work!

Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Nathan H. Hardy died in Iraq, February 4th, 2008, doing what he loved and what he had trained his entire life to do…become a SEAL. According to an article in the Military Times, University of New Hampshire (where both his parents worked, his Dad as a professor) President, Mark Huddleston said,  “We know it was Nate’s dream to become a U.S. Navy SEAL when he graduated from high school, and he pursued that dream and excelled at it”.

Anything that’s worth having takes hard work and dedication. You can do anything in life you put your mind to, whether it’s getting your first ring muscle up, or achieving a lifelong dream like Chief Hardy, if you are ready to work for it. It’s amazing to see the results of that hard work like in yesterday’s workout, and countless times each day at WildFire CrossFit. It’s the bond of this incredible Community filled with people working together and encouraging each other to be their best that will help us all to continue to grow and evolve making us all stronger together.  

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