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There are all kinds of sports and competitions that revolve around fitness. From strong man, powerlifting, and endurance events to bodybuilding and figure competitions, they all involve athletes being able to perform physically to get the best results possible.

CrossFit is the first sport to involve all areas of fitness. It’s not enough for an athlete to just be strong, just have great endurance, or just look ripped, painted orange and wearing as little as possible.  In CrossFit, athletes must be well-rounded and good in all areas of fitness including endurance, strength, stamina, speed, agility, coordination, power, flexibility, balance, and even accuracy. That’s why we train each of these areas every day.

Last weekend, we had athletes participate in 2 different competitions that showed just how well-rounded they are. David Folmer was invited to complete in the Cascade Classic in his hometown of Seattle, WA and he did awesome! In fact, he had to earn his invitation by participating in an online qualifier beforehand. Over the weekend he got to participate in 6 different events, all of which were very challenging.

Congrats and GREAT JOB David!


Plus, we had a team of athletes who took first place in their division at the Battle of the Ages competition at CrossFit 623 in Glendale, AZ. Coaches Mo & Rachel Henderson, Nicole James, and Damian Walker showed the Arizona CrossFit Community what teamwork is all about. Rachel, Damian, and Nicole either tied or beat their personal record in the Snatch. Mo would have done the same, they just didn’t have enough weight for him to get there.

GREAT JOB guys! We are really proud of your performance!

What do all five of these athletes have in common that makes them so successful?

They work hard, they work often, and they work on every area of fitness that is going to be thrown at them. In addition to class throughout the week, they take specialty classes like Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Throwdown, and Endurance. They train their weaknesses and do additional programming that is going to make them better athletes. They take time to work on mobility to reduce their risk of injuries and keep their bodies performing well. And, they focus on their nutrition and put the right things in to stay healthy and maximize their performance.  

So, the next time you say or think, “I’d like to look like them” or “I wish I could do that”, ask yourself if you are doing what it takes to get there. You can do anything you put your mind to, as long as you back it up with hard work, perseverance, and use the training, coaching, and support that is at your disposal.

And as always, the coaches at WildFire CrossFit are here to help. We are always happy to sit down, talk about your goals, and help you set up a game plan that will help you maximize your training and get the best results possible.

Congratulations again to all the athletes who competed last weekend and thanks for continuing to be incredible examples to the WildFire Community!  

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