Summer Swolestice Part 3 - And the winner is...

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Kids are back in school, the Summer is almost over, and the final event of the 2019 Summer Swolestice is in the books! We had a GREAT time, good food, a few drinks and laughs, amazing company, and a LOT of FUN!! We appreciate everyone who came out to participate, cheer, and help judge. THANK YOU for helping us make this such a great event!!

At WildFire CrossFit, it has always been our goal to make sure everyone is included in everything we do, and this event made that happen. We want people who are just getting started with CrossFit be able to participate and have fun working alongside our very best. This year, each event was for partners, and while we had Scaled, Intermediate, and Rx divisions, we gave the athletes the opportunity to challenge themselves where they could, and scale where they needed to.  

That said, the challenge with this event is how do we give out prizes and awards when everyone is doing something a little different? After a lot of consideration, we made it a raffle with several categories so everyone who participated had the same chance to win.

The first raffle was for everyone who participated. For each event they participated in, they got a raffle slip. In other words, if they participate in all 3, they got 3 slips for a chance to win $100 to be used at WildFire.

And the winner is…Nicole Paolantonio

Next, for those who participated as mostly Rx, Intermediate, or Scaled, they put their names in for a chance to win $100, $75, & $50 respectively. And the winners are…

Rx $100 – David Folmer

Intermediate $75 – Luis Villapando

Scaled $50 – Hollen Townley

Finally, we let the athletes vote for 2 categories, each for a chance to win $100 for the Best Athlete and the Spirit of the Summer Swolestice. And the winner is…

Best Athlete – Bao Hoang
Spirit Award – Jessica Krutoy

This event was a great prep for the upcoming CrossFit Games Open, which will be happening this October. We look forward to another great Open season and a lot more FUN!!


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