Level 1 Fitness Test at WildFire CrossFit

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Another Level 1 Fitness Test is in the books at WildFire CrossFit and we have a new group of athletes who earned their Black Band. We are so proud of everyone who came out to participate! Whether you got your Black Band, or got another step closer, you can hold your head high knowing you pushed yourself through a very difficult test.

What is the Level 1 Fitness Test?

This test is comprised of 8 different exercises, and a WOD, and athletes must pass with a score of 8 out of 11. Each exercise is worth 1 point and the WOD is worth 3 points. That means athletes can miss up to 3 of the exercises, OR, pass all the exercises and miss the WOD to successfully complete the test.

The exercises and requirements are as follows…


Athletes are partnered up and then they work through the exercises, one athlete working at a time, the other counting their partners reps. Just like many of the workouts we do, it’s not any one of the exercises, it’s the compounding effect of going through all of them in a relatively short period of time that takes its toll.

This test is about athletes coming together, comradery, teamwork, and getting to measure their results. It’s amazing how much faster and harder an athlete will work when they have someone cheering them on and helping them get through each exercise. It’s about testing yourself and getting stronger, faster, and all around better! Most of all, the Level Tests at WildFire CrossFit are about taking on a challenge, no matter how far outside your comfort zone it may be, rising to the occasion, and putting maximum effort towards achieving your goals.

Congratulations to everyone who participated! You all did incredible and whether you passed or not, you got out of your comfort zone, challenged yourself, and know what it will take to get there in the future.

We also had 2 of our Teen athletes, Ella & Austin, participate and pass their Level 1 Test. You guys rocked it and this kind of work ethic will carry over into everything you do in life. Keep up the GREAT work!

Congratulations to our newest Level 1 Athletes at WildFire CrossFit for achieving your Black Band! That includes (from Left), Coach Mo, Danielle W., Jeff R., Rob K., Coach Rachel, Ella T., and Austin C.!

The next step is the Level 2 Orange Band, which we will do at the end of August. Keep on working hard and stepping up as leaders within the community.

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