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At the first CrossFit Gym Tiff and I were a part of, there was a large sign on the wall that read “Burpee Law”. As you can probably guess, it was a list of rules along with the “motivational consequences” (number of burpees) assigned for any violations.

There were things like: 10 Burpees for not using the Hook Grip, 30 for not saying hello to a new member, and 100 Burpees (that’s right, 100) for having a bad attitude.

When we began planning what we wanted the WildFire Community to be like, we didn’t want our members to be in constant fear of having to break into Burpees for every little thing.

The bottom line is that you are adults (except for our CrossFit Kids) and this Community has become a truly special place for people because of the foundations of welcoming everyone with a desire to improve their lives through fitness and nutrition.

Still, as a member of the Community, it is important to understand the proper etiquette so everyone does feel welcome and safe when they are here.

So here goes, and remember, if you have any questions or need any further clarification, ask a Coach and we can help.


WildFire CrossFit Gym Etiquette

  1. Be on Time.

    We have a lot to do and a short time to do it in. We also understand that things happen. If you are late, please jump into class by following along with what’s going on. The Coach will make sure you are caught up at the first possible moment.

  1. Leave your ego at the door.

    Some things are going to come naturally; other things will take time. Some days are going to feel better than others. Our Coaches are always going to encourage form, technique, and full range of motion versus weight and speed. If they suggest you take weight off the bar, scale an exercise, or change things up a bit, they only have your best interests at heart. Your goals are our goals and we know from experience there are no short cuts to results. Every day you work out you are better than you were yesterday.

  2. Introduce Yourself to Someone New

    We are a Community, a team, a family. Remember what it was like when you got started? A friendly welcome goes a long way to help someone feel welcome and like they belong.

  3. Wait until everyone has completed the workout before you break down or put away your equipment.

    At WildFire, we encourage you to support your team & your fellow athletes when you finish your workout by cheering them on and pushing them to finish. What goes around comes around and we will all have a chance to receive out own cheers when everyone finishes before us. Whether you cheer, stretch, or just take a breather, whatever you do, please wait until everyone has finished to clean up and put away your equipment.

  4. Respect the Coach and Each Other.

    While the Coach is talking, please pay attention and at the very least, be quiet so others can hear. This also includes listening to each other during the group intro as well. We want you to have fun enjoy each other’s company. There is plenty of time in each class to chat. You may know every person there and have the exercises down in your sleep, there are still going to be other people who want to pay attention. The coach is there to give you their very best that day, so be respectful and you may find you get something new out of it.

  5. Be Ready and Prepared for Class

    We want you to be able to get the most out of each class you attend. Our Coaches are committed to showing up on time and prepared to give you their best. As athletes, we ask that you come prepared with EVERYTHING you may need for class. Know what the workout is and look up any 1 rep maxes or scores you may need. Have the right equipment with you. Not in your car or at home.

    TIP: Get a gym bag to keep your jump rope, wrist wraps, extra shoes, tape, and anything else you may need for the workout.

  6. Muffle Your Dump – Always

    I get it. You just hit that PR lift and it’s going to feel great it drop it from the top and start walking away before it bounces for a 2nd It’s a cool move…until it bounces into someone as they are performing their lift injuring them for weeks. When you dump the barbell, muffle it by brining your hands down with it, controlling it’s bounce. Not only will we help keep each other safe, we will preserve the life of our plates and barbells in the process. That’s a win-win if I’ve ever heard one!

  7. Treat your Barbell like a Baby

    You wouldn’t pick a baby up and then drop it on the ground…I hope. 😊 The barbells are specifically designed to be used with bumper plates so putting empty barbells down CAREFULLY will help protect them and keep them working well for a long time to come.

  8. Stay in Your Own Lane and Use Your Own Equipment

    We must share the space and available equipment with the other members of the class. Each day, the coach will give you time to set up what you need for the work we are doing. Some days, we will partner up. Other days you will be on your own. Just remember that if there is equipment out, someone is probably using it.

    Don’t just grab a random Kettlebell just cuz it’s closer, or take someone’s space on the pull up rig, just cuz they aren’t there yet. Before you begin any exercise, check your surroundings and make sure you aren’t swinging, kicking, running, or jumping into someone else.

    During the Strength and when we are working on the Olympic Lifts, be sure to watch what other people are doing too. Don’t walk in front of someone as they are about to lift. Be aware of your surroundings and any loose equipment nearby.

    Your safety is our number one priority…this will help ensure it!

  9. Clean Up After Yourself

    Yes, just like back in grade school, you must clean up after yourself. Once EVERYONE has finished the workout, please put away all your equipment, write your score on the board, and clean up any sweat or chalk on the equipment or floor.

    Blood – If you discover that your hands or shins are bleeding after a workout, go back and clean up the equipment and/or pull up bar. The wipes we use are designed to clean up blood.

  10. Use the Chalk Correctly

    First, keep the chalk in the bucket where it belongs. You don’t need to grab your own personal block of chalk for the workout. Leave it in the bucket and make the trip when you need it. When you use the dust, rub it in over the bucket so it doesn’t get everywhere.
    Second, a little bit of chalk goes a long way. Chalking and re-chalking after every couple reps, is a recipe for ripping. Too much chalk can be worse off than not enough.

  11. Kids at WildFire

    Kids must stay in the designated kid’s area while class is going on. We love being a family friendly community and a place you WANT to bring your kids. This is for their safety and the safety of our athletes. We must keep this consistent no matter what the age or maturity level of the kids.

    Parents: If you have any suggestions on what we can do to make the kids area more appealing to kids, we are all for it.

  12. Go Until the End & Hold Your Head High

    Some workouts are going to be more challenging than others.
    It’s important to go until the end, no matter what. In other words, Don’t Quit…. EVER!

    As Coaches, we are here to help you get through the workout by making sure you are performing the exercises that are right for you. They are also going to help encourage you, and do what is necessary to help you get through the workout.

    When you become tougher mentally, you will become more confident and it will be easy to hold your head high no matter what obstacles you face.

    Until you gain that confidence, do it anyway: Hold Your Head High and Go Until the End.

    When you have a Community & Family like WildFire behind you, everything in life seems a lot more manageable!

    **We would never suggest you work through the pain of an injury. If you feel something is wrong, talk to the coach immediately.


We will be publishing this list in the gym and on the website and all new members will receive a copy. If you have any questions or concerns, our door is always open.

Thanks for being a part of what makes WildFire CrossFit such a special place for people to be!




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