Guess what? A workout without a barbell is still a workout!

We want the best for our athletes. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to keep the fun and energy in our community.

This week we get to thank our athletes for bringing the fire to one of our favorite classes. Burn.
Yes, so named after the amazing feeling your muscles will endure at the end of each class. You are still pushing yourself to the limits. You will sweat til you’re uncomfortable. Your arms will burn, your legs will burn, your abs will scream. You will want to quit, but you won’t. You will want to pass out, but you’ll be reminded to breathe! You will be sore and you will come back for more.

We took everything CrossFit has to offer and gave it a little twist. Let’s program workouts and give the hard working barbell a rest. What do we have left? Endless options! We have a plethora of WODs. Kettlebells, dumbbells, box jumps, wall balls, pull ups, sit ups, jump rope, running, tire flips, sandbags and much much more! Seriously though, this is still CrossFit.

Constantly varied? YES.
Functional movements? YES.
High intensity? HECK YEAH!

So, if you drank the Kool-aid, now is the time to see how it got it’s flavor!

Thank you to our community for giving us your energy and time to keep you stronger, faster and burning for more!

BURN CLASS! Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays @ 5:30p

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