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Today we have got prep for 17.4…which, coincidentally, is also 16.4.

And again, it looks like Damian has a Crystal Ball! I’m glad Dave Castro has been paying attention to the programming at WildFire.

We talk a lot about the “Measurable” aspects of CrossFit. Workouts such as the Baseline, Benchmark WODs like Fran, Annie, and even Murph, and 1 Rep Max Lifts allow us to  measure our success over time. In some cases, we may not even improve in our time or reps, however, if we are performing the workout with a heavier weight or completing the full range of motion, we are a success.

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There’s only 2 weeks left in the Open, so let’s have some fun and kick some ass!

Friday, March17th

Today, we are going to spend some time working on Row technique. Just like anything, by imporving your form, you improve your efficiency. When you improve your efficiency, you can row a longer distance in a shorter amount of time.

Handstand Push Ups Skill Work – Kick up on the wall 3 times and hold for 30-40 seconds at a time. At the end,

Strength: Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5

WOD: Open WOD 17.4/16.4
13 Min AMRAP
55 Deadlifts Rx: 225/155 | S: 135/95
55 Wall Balls 20# to a 10’/14# to a 9’ | S: 20# to a 9’/14# to a 9’
55 Cal Row
55 Handstand Push Ups

For prep, today is a good day to work on a few Deadlifts. Just enough to test out the weight and work on a rhythm and a pace for the workout. Then, get a few sets of Wall Balls and Handstand Push Ups in. Finish with the Row, and get a good idea of how many strokes it takes to get 1 Cal – 5 Cal – 10 Cal

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