We have great reasons and the best intentions as to all the 1RM testing this week and last week. First I want you all to remember that this is still an awesome workout. I understand it doesn’t always feel like a high intensity WOD but believe me, you are still doing work and your body is still getting the benefits of a workout. It’s okay every now and then to bring the intensity down and work on not only strength but our technique as well. Chances are, if it’s a movement you’re avoiding, it’s one you really should be working on.


The reason behind a one rep max is to help you gauge your current strength in a particular lift, as the names states, one rep max, helps you determine the amount of weight you can lift in one repetition. So why have we been testing our one rep max over the course of the last two weeks? Plain and simple, we are cycling through a new strength program and as the fall approaches for this program you will need to know your numbers to do the work that is programmed.


Also, the reason behind not having a workout of the day after we have maxed out our bodies with a one rep is to minimize the risk of injury.  Due to the high volume and how demanding it is on the body when it comes to these types of lifts. This is classic Crossfit programming, the amount of work it takes to do 1 rep at your max effort should really be the only thing you do in that hour. The use of two or more muscle groups does not benefit you when a max lift has been performed for the past 40 minutes.


Bottom line is, get in and find that 1 rep max when we program them. Trust the process, trust your coaches and please trust that we are doing it for a reason.


As always, smash your goals, be relentless!

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