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THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21st, is your first step to joining the club! Don’t miss out as we won’t have a clinic in November.

Interested in improving your Olympic Weightlifting? Want to train with the WildFire Weightlifting Club? Whether you just want to get better or desire to compete, this Saturday at 11:15 is where it begins! Come to the intro to weightlifting clinic where we will go over all the basics of the snatch and clean&jerk.

This class is REQUIRED in order to train with the club. The club trains 3 days per week: Tuesdays (7:00-8:00pm), Saturdays (11:15-12:15pm), and Mondays (3:30-5:00 pm). Please note that the Monday class is not a formally coached class. Programming is provided and it is protected time for some extra work. A coach may or may not be present.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get lifting!


Tiff Snatch

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