We have some extreme obstacle course races coming in the next few months and Wildfire Crossfit wants to help you train for them!

Obstacle course races come in all shapes and sizes so we are going to do our best to help you train for them over the next few weeks.

On Wednesday Sept 27th and Wednesday October 4th during gymnastics class at 6:30pm we will be doing some skills and drills to get you prepared. Also, our endurance coaches are going to incorporate training into their classes as well! Make sure you have all the gear you need as well, like long socks for rope climbs!

Here are a few  training tips to help you through what it takes to successfully complete extreme obstacle course races . These are to help you figure out what you should be working on to get ready for the challenges that await you.


Even though these obstacle course races have some mileage to them (3-10 miles at times), it’s not about running long distance; you have to think that there are multiple obstacles in between your running, so you are never really “running” more than a mile at a time. Doing sprints will help build the muscle and endurance you need for the quick running in between the obstacles.


How is your jumping ability? There are tires, mud pits, walls, hurdles, and rocks to get through. Working on your agility is great because it allows you to practice how to safely jump and land.


There are usually high walls, monkey bars, climbing ropes, and many things to climb up on, so working on the ability to pull yourself up is a great thing.

Interval training:

Boom!! You already do this at Wildfire Crossfit.

Find a partner or team:

Through all the obstacle course race training above, nothing is better than having a person to do it with or a team behind you.  They will help drive you forward and many obstacles can take at least two people to complete, so always having a person with you at them is best. You will find no better motivation than another person.

So, grab your partner or your team and make sure you plan to come to some of these classes!

See you there!




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