CrossFit Programs

Members and FREE week participants are welcome to attend any of the programs we offer at WildFire CrossFit.


CrossFit Kids

Weightlifting Club

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that uses functional movements that are constantly varied and performed at high intensity to help you reach your fitness goals. What does all that mean? During each class an expert coach will lead you through a warm up, strength and skill work, and finish with a workout changing up everything from the exercises we perform and the areas of the body we work to the time domains and the intensity levels. They will teach you the proper form and technique and coach you to ensure you stay on point to reduce the risk of injury. Each workout will be scaled according to the individual so every level from beginner to elite is welcome to attend.
Our CrossFit Kids Coach will teach kids about fitness in a fun and encouraging environment. They will be challenged to work hard and they will gain confidence by helping them develop strength, endurance, agility, balance, and more. Our CrossFit Kids program will help to prepare kids for sports and for an active lifestyle. We will teach your kids about proper nutrition and eating habits for performance and for life, and they will learn about team work and be part of a community that will inspire them to want to continue their fitness well into the future.
The beauty of CrossFit is that we focus on every area of fitness including strength and power. Some athletes need a more specific focus in order to help them reach their goals. The WildFire Weightlifting Club offers programming designed to help athletes develop pure strength as well as drills designed to improve technique and efficiency in their Olympic Lifts. The programming for this club can be done before or after class and as long as the class in progress is respected, while class is going on.

Endurance Club


Good Cardiovascular Endurance ensures that your heart is able to provide your muscles the oxygen they need to function over time. The better it works, the harder, faster, and longer you can go. The Endurance Club at WildFire CrossFit is a great way to increase your ability to work harder for longer and feel better doing the things you love to do. In addition we teach the proper form and technique in many endurance activities which will increase your overall efficiency. We also participate in several endurance related events throughout the year and even host the Turkey Day Adventure 5K and partner with Start Line Racing for the WildFire CrossFit 5K.
During the week our athletes train hard and push their bodies to the limit. Recovery is part of the program and the Yoga class at WildFire CrossFit will allow them to do just that. Our Yoga class is open to all and since the certified Yoga instructor who runs the class is also a WildFire Athletes, she knows just what to do to work help you relax and restore your sore and tired muscles and gain mobility and flexibility.
Since its beginning, CrossFit has evolved into a sport that gives athletes the chance to compete in a high intensity setting culminating in the Reebok CrossFit Games where they crown the “Fittest on Earth”. Competitions are typically designed to test an athlete in all 10 areas of physical fitness. WildFire THROWDOWN is designed to get people ready for competitions including the Open. During each class we do a few different workouts in more of a competition setting and coach athletes on strategy and prepare them for the intensity of competition.

Olympic Lifting Class


WildFire Fitness

Olympic Lifting is one of the three foundations of CrossFit. An athlete must work on their form and technique in order to maximize the potential of their Olympic Lifts. This class is designed to ingrain athletes with the proper technique by working on drills and exercises that will develop their muscle memory and strength.
It is said that 70% of good health and fitness is proper nutrition. At WildFire CrossFit we help people learn how to eat right for performance and for life by educating them on a plan that will work for their lifestyle. In addition we help them create the habits necessary to sustain healthy habits in their lifestyle.
This class designed specifically for the athlete who needs a lower impact workout with a lower level of intensity. It is great for people who are just starting their fitness journey, are recovering from an injury, or has some health concerns with participating in the normal CrossFit class. One of our expert coaches will still lead you through the entire class and make sure you are performing the exercises safely, efficiently, and effectively and help you get into shape and feel great.