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Whether you’re sore from a workout, stiff from a long car or plane ride or even just from sitting in a chair all day, you should be spending 10-15 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY working on your mobility and NEVER take a day off.


With just 10-15 minutes a day you can make a ton of change with daily self-maintenance. The bottom line is you can always improve and be working towards positive change. You just have to remain consistent and implement the right practices.


We have many resources at Wildfire Crossfit to get on track with your daily mobility routine. If you have questions, need help or assistance with what you should be doing ask a coach or even better, come to our Sunday 10:30am mobility class to get some things you can do on your own and at home.  We have available at the gym; foam rollers, lacrosse balls, bands for stretching, Coach Jamie Gresik with Flex Fit Strength and Recovery and Crossover Symmetry.


You should plan on getting to the gym 10-15 minutes before class and staying 10-15 minutes after class and spend some time on Y-O-U and keeping that body you’re working so hard on MOBILE.  I work on mobility every single day and I can tell you first hand, I’m not nearly as sore as I used to be when I wasn’t on track with a daily mobility routine. This stuff works!


The key really is consistency and time. Time meaning the length of time you spend on each stretch or mobilization exercise. My suggestion, and what I always do, is time how long I hold a position with my phone stopwatch or the clock at the gym. Yes, timing is important as well.


Here’s the thing, we spend all this time at the gym working out but so many aren’t spending the time doing body maintenance. It’s a must do and your body with thank you in return. Can you imagine driving your car all over the valley day after day and never changing the oil, replacing the tires, putting gas in it? No, I bet you cannot. Let’s start thinking of mobility the same way we do our cars.  Get mobile and keep the machine running smoothly.


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