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This weekend at WildFire CrossFit we will have the Leve 2 Fitness Test, or, the Orange Band Test on Saturday, April 8th 2017 at 10am.

In the word’s of Billy the Kid…or at least Emilio Estevez who played Billy the kid in Younguns…”That’s the test of all tests. Hell, count me in.” You must continue to challenge yourself every day.

If you have achieved your Level 1 Black Band, you are eligible to take the Level 2 Fitness Test.

Here are the standards:
Part One: Endurance / Gymnastics


1 Mile Run
25x Handstand Pushups
15x Ring Dips


Part Two: Strength


10x Deadlifts (1 ½BW/BW)
5x Cleans (BW / ¾BW)

3x OH Squats ( ¾BW/ ½BW)


Part Three: WOD


1000M Row
50x Thrusters  (45 / 45)
30x Pull Ups
For Time

9:00 Men/ 11:00 Women


Monday, April 3rd 2017


Strength: 1 Rep Max Snatch


WOD: Death by:
Add 1 Rep Every Minute on the Minute
1 Power Snatch & 1 Chest To Bar Pull Up

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