Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Level 1 Test!!


This event always proves to be one of my favorites. We had twelve students wake up a little early on a Saturday morning and participate. There are nine different movements to complete and a gnarly sprint of a workout.

Here’s what everyone did:
400M Run M: 1:45 W: 2:00
Sit Ups: 60x in 2 Min
Air Squats: 85x in 2 Min
Pushups: 40x in 90 sec
Handstand Hold: 80 Sec (against the wall)
KB Swings: 30x in 90 sec M:53#/W: 35#
Double Unders: 20x Unbroken
15x Front Squats & 15x
Push Press Unbroken M: 75#/W: 55#

WOD: 8 Min Time Cap
15x – 12x – 9x
Wall Balls (20#/14#)
Box Jumps (24″/20″)

If you haven’t participated in a Level 1 test at WildFire yet, you are missing out. The energy in the gym is electric and leads quite a few people to do things they hadn’t before. Luis and Rosy got their handstand hold for the first time. Lora got her first double unders. I know there were a bunch of others that I missed so shout out with your accomplishments!

Congratulations to Nicolle, Austin, Jocelyn, Andreina, Jeremy and Lora for completing the requirements to earn that coveted black Level 1 band!!


Thank you to everyone who came out to cheer on our athletes and help with equipment. If you haven’t taken the test or didn’t quite meet all the requirements yet; grab a coach for help and get working!!

Look out for the next Level 1 date to be announced soon…

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