We all know how important it is to keep your machine, your body, healthy and mobile. Often, we neglect our shoulder health in quite a few ways. It is critical that you strengthen your shoulders outside of just those daily WODs. Working on strict movements before kipping movements, doing mobility, stretching and strengthening exercises, these are all important for your machine to keep running. We always want to be proactive when it comes to taking care of ourselves and avoiding injury.

One of the great tools we have available for you at Wildfire Crossfit is Crossover Symmetry. Below is some information about the system and why it’s great tool and in the toolbox.

Crossover Symmetry is the ultimate shoulder health and performance system that is medically designed to relieve pain, reduce the risk of injury & optimize performance. A core component of Crossover Symmetry is training the brain to move the body more effectively. Through consistent repetitions of the functional movement patterns, you will optimize the neural connections necessary for firing the muscles that control the shoulder complex. Healthy shoulders are high performance shoulders. You are not going to perform at an optimal level when your shoulders are painful or weak. Using Crossover Symmetry as a proactive tool is the smartest path to shoulder health and performance.

Also, don’t forget our Shoulder Health Clinic on Monday July 17th at 7:30 pm. We have special guests coming to answer questions and give you some great tips: Don Wong, Massage Therapist, Dr. Christopher Bonin from TLC Chiropractic and Coach Jamie with Flex Fit Strength and Recovery and Coach Laura. See you next Monday night and be sure to reserve your spot in Zen Planner HERE!

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BONUS: Shoulders like Coach Laura!!!

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