Its here Open at WildFire

Yes. The CrossFit Open Competition is officially here!

A lot of people are excited about it and some of you may already be sick of hearing about it.

The reason we go so, over the top, promoting for this event is because every year, Week 1 comes and goes and we have a handful of people who tell us they “wish they would have signed up”.

We have a TON of people participating…and we are THRILLED about that.

We also have a lot of people who have chosen not to participate. THAT’S OKAY TOO!

It is great to have so many people participate in the Open every year. The more the merrier.

Just remember that whether you are signed up to do the Open, or, just plan to cheer on a fellow member of the WildFire Community, there is still a place for everybody.

The Open is about Community and FUN!

You may have been approached by a Team Captain, or two, possibly even over and over again.

You should feel great about that, and it’s just because we want you to be able to get in on the FUN!

If Not, they probably just haven’t gotten to you yet or, you just may not have expressed any interest in the Open. If you WOULD like to participate, GREAT! Let a coach know, we will let you know how to get set up and make sure you have a Team.

Even the internal Team Competition we are doing is designed around participation and fun. In fact, the athletes who have the best chance of helping their teams get points are the athletes who are newest to CrossFit.

Rest assured, even if you never compete in the Open, you are an important part of the WildFire Family and we love what you are doing too!

For those of you who are on the edge, and the pressure you are feeling to participate is causing anxiety…relax. It’s all good, and again…this is designed to be FUN!

Think of it this way- It costs $20 to participate in the Open, register your score on the Games site, and set up the online profile you may use for years to come. To participate at WildFire and have your workout judged and validated is totally free. Other than that…it’s just another WOD.

I REPEAT…the Open workout is 1 workout each week for 5 weeks. That’s it.

When you think about it in those terms…it’s simple. I mean, most of you are going to be doing the workout anyway.

Okay…worst case scenario. I sign up for the Open. Week 1, I do the Scaled workout. Week 2 comes up, and in the scaled division, there is something I am just not ready for yet. The weight is way too heavy, I don’t have the range of motion of the exercise, whatever. What do I do?

First, if there is an alternative that fits within the standards of the CrossFit Games Open Competition that you can complete, that’s what we will do.

If there isn’t anywhere to go, we will do everything in our power to help you get it before Monday so you can complete the workout.

If by Monday, you still aren’t quite there, it’s all good. You just may not complete the workout that week.

****IMPORTANT**** If you do not complete any given week of the Open, as long as you are Registered by Monday, February 27th at 4pm, you will still be able to log your scores in the following weeks. In other words, even if you have an issue with 1 week, there are still 4 more weeks to participate.

We will be doing the workout at specific times between Friday and Monday each week. If you absolutely cannot make these times work, please schedule with us in advance. We will NOT be able to judge randomly throughout the day.
Friday: 5pm
Saturday: 10am – **MAIN EVENT**
Sunday: 11:30am
Monday: 3pm

THIS WEEK: Open WOD 17.1

For Time
10 Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch RX: 50/35 | S: 35/20
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs RX: Jump | S: Step
20 Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch RX: 50/35 | S: 35/20
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs RX: Jump | S: Step
30 Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch RX: 50/35 | S: 35/20
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs RX: Jump | S: Step
40 Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch RX: 50/35 | S: 35/20
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs RX: Jump | S: Step
50 Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch RX: 50/35 | S: 35/20
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs RX: Jump | S: Step

20 Min Cap

IMPORTANT: There IS a “Tie-Break” time. So at the end of each round, you must record your time.

This is a good one…and it’s gonna be a burner. The key to this workout is to just find a pace and keep moving forward.

Snatch Tip: USE YOUR LEGS!! This workout is designed to completely fry your lower back so don’t add to it. Be sure to use the power in your legs and hips to make that Dumbbell fly up there.

Burpee Box Jump Tip: Step Back, Step Up, and Jump. Even if you could, the amount of energy it would take to jump all the way over the box without touching, is not worth it.

Because you do not have to stand up on top of the box (and I recommend you don’t, it’s a waste of time) be sure to stand all the way up between burpees. Not because it is a movement standard, to help keep your back feeling good throughout.

Athletes Officially doing the Open over the weekend:
Today, go through a round and the set of 20 Dumbbell Snatch as fast as possible. Then, just work on your pace. ***Be sure footed***  Biffing today will suck tomorrow.

STRENGTH: Dumbbell Bench Press
This is a GREAT exercise for creating stability though the shoulders, back and chest. Because of the instability of the Dumbbells, more control is required, in turn, engaging the smaller muscles holding everything together.


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