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By: Coaches Damian & Skip

All right Wildfire athletes! The time has come! In the next couple weeks, we will be doing away with the jump ropes! This is not to be mean, or to punish you. It’s because the 1 piece equipment you NEED to have is a Jump Rope.

Just imagine coming to Endurance class, and learning how to run wearing shoes 3 sizes to big or small? Not gonna work too well.

The Jump Rope is the 1 piece of equipment that is sized specifically to you. In fact, even someone who is my exact height and size might be able to get Double Unders better with a rope that is 3 inches shorter. Now, even once you get your rope perfect, this isn’t going to guarantee you double unders right off the bat, BUT at least if I or any other coach is working to get you double unders it will be continuing progression with your rope.

When you buy, a jump rope it will have extra cable length to size it accordingly. My sizing tip is to set both feet in the middle and have the rope come to about arm pit length, leaving a little extra if you need to adjust. Then get it fine-tuned after a warm up and having a coach watch you jump.

Regardless if you are a new CrossFitter and especially if you are a veteran CrossFitter it is a self-investment that is extremely worthwhile. Besides the fact that having your own rope will help keep you from LASHING THE $H!T out of your arms and looking like you have been tortured, Now, you can take and use it anywhere and get a workout no matter where you go.

To put it bluntly, buy a jump rope. We will have more in stock on Thursday afternoon. You can also get one on Amazon, Wal Mart, or pretty much any sporting goods store. If you would like a recommendation, here it is:

If you are still working on getting your Double Unders, buy a Valeo Jump Rope. It’s a little thicker and will help you “Feel” the rope as you spin, helping you develop your rhythm. If you can rip 15-20 Doubles every time you pick up a rope, get a speed cable jump rope.

Starting in June, we are going to be getting rid of the jump ropes in the gym. Our number one goal in this is to help you get better and become better athletes. And we are her to help you make that happen!

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