The CrossFit Games Open: Take 2!

I can honestly say, this is not a workout I would have predicted….and I like it!!

Open WOD 17.2
12 Min AMRAP
50 Ft Dumbbell Front Rack Lunge Rx: 50/35 | S: 35/20
16 Toes To Bar – Rx | Knee Raises – S
8 Dumbbell Power Cleans Rx: 50/35 | S: 35/20
2 Rounds
50 ft Dumbbell Front Rack Lunge Rx: 50/35 | S: 35/20
16 Bar Muscle Ups | Pull Ups – S
8 Dumbbell Power Cleans Rx: 50/35 | S: 35/20

This week, they raised the bar in terms of skills. Dumbbell Walking Lunges are no joke and both the Toes To Bar and Bar Muscle Ups are more advanced gymnastics exercises. In the scaled division, in addition to the Knee Raises, they have Chin over the Bar Pull Ups…another good challenge.

The beauty of this workout is, there are a lot of opportunities to score points for your team! If you get your Toes 2 Bar, Pull Ups, or Bar Muscle Ups, in the Open, you will score points for your Team.

Friday is going to be a great opportunity to spend some time working on these skills. Just be smart about it. Tearing your hands before this workout would kinda suck. At the same time, if you aren’t comfortable with them yet, you have got to work on them.

Here is the weekend schedule to be judged in the Open:
Friday at 5pm
Saturday at 10am **MAIN EVENT**
Sunday at 11:30am
Monday at 3pm

Be sure to sign up by logging into zen planner from or CLICK HERE

Even if Saturday’s are tough because of family or work, I HIGHLY recommend figuring out a way to come into WildFire on a Saturday to see the energy and excitement that is the CrossFit Open!

Feel free to invite your friends and family! We are going to expand our spectator area this weekend, so the more the merrier.

Last week, we had some incredible performances in the first week of the Open. For all of our Open Rookies out there, WELCOME AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Here’s a few Week 1 Pics:

With over 90 athletes participating, there are quite a few who are doing the Open for the first time! In fact, many were in Boot Camo just a few months ago and are now participating in a major CrossFit Event! INCREDIBLE!!

On Friday, Open veteran, Jesse Kloos got his WOD in before a weekend of debauchery (wedding). He turned in the Top time in the gym of 15:15.

Top 3 Men’s Scores: Jesse Kloos (15:15) | Josh Shavers (17:43) | Michael Clark (17:57)

Top 3 Women’s Scores: Nicole James (18:59) | Zemora Davis (19:37) | Kiara Gamble (19:43)

Great Job!

Azzie Lane is sitting at 16th in the Region for Teen Women Age 14-15 – WAY TO GO AZZIE!!

Every year we have a few performances throughout the Open that are truly inspiring. This year, we didn’t have to wait long. There was nothing that was going to stop Christina Cavanaugh from getting her first 20” Box Step Up! She attacked that box with everything she had, and once she got her first, the second was that much easier. In the end, she completed 9 Burpee Box Jump Overs, and had the loudest cheers in the gym for each one!

For those of you who missed it…here you go!

Great job Christina!

To Re-Do or Not to Re-Do…that is the question!

Every year, there is controversy over whether an athlete should re-do the workout to go for a better score. I’ll admit, the first year of the Open, when we had a week to complete the workout, we re-did almost every one of them. That’s quite a difference from the 4 days we have today.

Here are the circumstances I would recommend an athlete do the WOD a 2nd time:
There is a skill such as Double Unders or Muscle Ups that they can improve on in a short period.
They were sick, injured, or not feeling well at the time AND are feeling better.
They are right on the edge of being among the Top athletes in the region.

The fact is, it is EXTREMELY RARE for an athlete to do that much better to justify completing it a 2nd time. Especially a grueling workout like 17.1.

I’m thrilled to say, in week 1 we had 2 athletes who fit the “not feeling well” criteria, who did much better their 2nd time around. GREAT JOB Massimo Brunelli and Ron Ogborne for crushing your first scores!

I still don’t recommend it. Unless the Open workout is not very taxing (uh duh) the training time we have during this 5-week competition is already limited. You have got to make the most of both your training days and your rest days. Plus, very rarely do you get a do-over. It’s like slim shady says: “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance”.

Get ready for another exciting week! If you can judge, we would LOVE your help on Saturday AND Sunday!! Even if you aren’t doing the Open, we would love your energy…come cheer on your WildFire Family Saturday AND Sunday!!

Friday Workout

Warm Up & Mobility:
Shoulder Mobility
Runners Stretch

Endurance: Today is a GREAT day to get your blood flowing. So we are going to get the heart pumpin too!

Oh, and don’t worry, we aren’t doing ALL the endurance WODs programmed in BTWB…just one. These are just great examples of endurance workouts that are short, simple, and will help you improve FAST!
4 x 400M Run w/ 2 min Rest Between Each
4 x 500M Row w/ 2min Rest Between Each
6-8 x 200M Run w/ 1 min Rest Between Each
6-8 x 250M Row w/ 1 min Rest Between Each

Skill Work: Bar Muscle Ups/Kipping Pull Ups/Toes To Bar

Open WOD 17.2
12 Min AMRAP
50 Ft Dumbbell Front Rack Lunge Rx: 50/35 | S: 35/20
16 Toes To Bar – Rx | Knee Raises – S
8 Dumbbell Power Cleans Rx: 50/35 | S: 35/20
2 Rounds
50 ft Dumbbell Front Rack Lunge Rx: 50/35 | S: 35/20
16 Bar Muscle Ups | Pull Ups – S
8 Dumbbell Power Cleans Rx: 50/35 | S: 35/20

This is a GREAT opportunity to work on your Dumbbell Front Rack Lunge and other skills. I would recommend, doing the Lunge the first round and making sure you are comfortable with the exercise. Spend the remaining time working the skills you need for your Open workout.

!!!!!Remember, you still have to officially do the workout and it’s a lot more painful when your hands are torn.

This is a good one guys, so let’s have some fun with it! YEAH FRIDAY…YEAH OPEN!!!

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