This week and next week at Wildfire Crossfit we are going to be doing 1 Rep Max testing as well as some Benchmark WODS. You might be asking why all the Benchmarks? Let’s chat about a few of the why’s and how to approach these WODS.

Benchmark WODS have been a constant in Crossfit. Some of you have favorites like Fran, Diane, Annie, Grace or Cindy. We all know them and either love them or hate them, but only for a short time until we see them another day. These workouts show up in Crossfit boxes all over the world! How cool is that? It’s a great time to look on all the tools we have like, Beyond the Whiteboard, to see where what our score is like compared to others…it’s measurable right?


These workouts are a true test of fitness in the Crossfit community. They can range from bodyweight movements to heavy barbell complexes. Most of these workouts are pretty standardized and very rarely vary except for when they are scaled. These workouts are ideal when it comes to tracking and retesting your progress in Crossfit.


Let’s face it, some of these workouts, we just might avoid when we seem them scheduled for that day. If you are avoiding it, it’s probably a workout you should be getting into the gym to do! Work your weakness, it’s how you get better. We have to work all the movements to get better at Crossfit. If we constantly avoid them because they are hard or we aren’t good at them, we will slow our progress in our Crossfit journey. You have to get out of the comfort zone and get comfortable being UNCOMFORTABLE.


I also want to touch on how to approach these Benchmark WODS. You need a plan on how you want to breakdown the workout. If it’s a WOD like Fran, it’s meant to be done fast and with high intensity. If you go at the 21 reps and gas yourself, you may not have anything left for the 15 and the 9’s. Once you have a rep scheme in mind, it’s also important to control your rest time. 5-10 seconds should be all you take in rest and then get right back at it. The longer you rest, and believe me times goes by a lot quicker when you rest than you think, the harder it is to get back in the game. Watch the clock, control the time and get back to work. If you need help on scaling or how to approach, ask a coach. We are there to help you do your absolute best!


Lastly, make sure you track your workouts and your lifts. I cannot stress how important this is. We have a great tool called Beyond the Whiteboard to track everything you do at Wildfire. If you don’t know how to use or didn’t open the email when we invited you (you only have 24 hours to open it and accept the invite) let a coach know and we are more than happy to get you on it and show you how easy it is to use.


See you soon at The Fire!





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